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  • Karma Crash

    published December 18, 1997

    Betty Gibbs carefully aims her Isuzu Trooper down a steep dirt road carved out of the side of Fourmile Canyon. It is snowing, and the narrow path... More >>

  • The Bust Was a Bust

    published December 11, 1997

    Last March a 35-million-year-old stingray fossil found in Wyoming became a television star and a symbol of all that is wrong with private fossil... More >>

  • Staking Their Claim

    published December 11, 1997

    On a recent afternoon, eleven members of the Territorial Daughters of Colorado convene their final monthly meeting before the winter holiday... More >>

  • The Love Bug

    published December 4, 1997

    It seems like an all-too-familiar tale of the electronic age: A woman goes online, stops by an Internet chat room and falls for a guy thousands of... More >>

  • Dry Society

    published November 20, 1997

    At precisely 10:15 p.m., 75 fashionably late minutes from the start of her annual Halloween party, Dottie Grisby parts the orange and black... More >>

  • Radio Free Paonia

    published November 6, 1997

    The beginnings of WCCR/88.3 FM ("grassroots radio at the bottom of your FM dial") probably can be traced back to Angel Babudro's childhood... More >>

  • Field of Schemes

    published October 30, 1997

    Associated Press, September 27, 1997: A dime-sized finished diamond that tips the scales at more than 16 carats, found in a Colorado mine, may be... More >>

  • Reservoir Digs

    published October 30, 1997

    To anyone who commutes along Sixth Avenue, the reservoir in front of the Oak Express furniture store is a familiar landmark. Several years ago... More >>

  • The Males Get Delivered

    published October 16, 1997

    About five years ago, a couple of male postal clerks at the downtown post office at 20th and Curtis streets started coming up with nicknames for... More >>

  • Captive Audience

    published October 16, 1997

    There aren't many patients rich or important enough for a hospital to consider building a brand-new wing just for them. But Denver Health Medical... More >>

  • Fill'er Up

    published October 2, 1997

    For several years, Rudy Reveles, a young attorney with the state's public defenders' office, represented the indigent and the criminally accused... More >>

  • Spaced Out

    published September 11, 1997

    In the mid-Eighties, investors from around the country began pouring money into a proposed real estate development just outside the town of... More >>

  • Aurora's Stupidest Home Video

    published August 28, 1997

    Early on a Monday morning just before Thanksgiving break last year, somebody stepped onto the campus of the Community College of Aurora with a... More >>

  • The Buzz Stops Here

    published August 21, 1997

    On June 29 the state commissioner of agriculture, Thomas Kourlis, traveled to Salida to address the Colorado Beekeepers Association. The... More >>

  • In a Pickle

    published August 7, 1997

    At first glance, or even second, it would seem that Vickie Corder doesn't have a good feel for bingo. The thirty-year-old Arvada resident recently... More >>

  • Grave Reservations

    published July 24, 1997

    On his deathbed in 1880, the great Ute chief Ouray instructed a protege named Buckskin Charlie to stay with the Utes and help lead the tribe... More >>

  • Curses on Both Houses

    published July 10, 1997

    Nine months ago, Paul Cooper, a Denver attorney, wrote a letter to another local attorney, Jay Horowitz. The two lawyers represent different... More >>

  • A Booming Field

    published July 3, 1997

    At first Ken Kosanke's research was underappreciated. "We were making these colored balls of fire, and so to see what they looked like,... More >>

  • Skeletons in Their Closet

    published June 19, 1997

    "I call it the gargoyle," says Scott Stone, owner and sole proprietor of the Stone Fossil Co. of Frontier, Wyoming. "It's one of the most... More >>

  • Company Loves Misery

    published May 29, 1997

    At the small Colorado Springs offices of Bereavement: A Magazine of Hope and Healing, the excitement started last year, when a writer for the... More >>

  • Special Handling

    published May 29, 1997

    At age 37 but looking younger, Michael Garcia, a former schoolboy baseball and football player, keeps in shape by working out four days a week.... More >>

  • An Unholy Union

    published May 15, 1997

    In February 1994, the United Food and Commercial Workers union, Local 7, got a second chance. The previous spring the state's largest labor... More >>

  • The Poor Get Poorer

    published May 1, 1997

    Life has just gotten even more difficult for local residents who need non-emergency medical care and who have the bad fortune to be... More >>

  • Wheels of Fortune

    published April 24, 1997

    Daytime-television viewers know Frank Azar as the fighting attorney who can retrieve the insurance settlement an automobile-accident victim... More >>

  • Waiting for Goodman

    published April 24, 1997

    Stephen Goodman is a hapless victim of the U.S. Postal Service's Neanderthal personnel policies, another cog worn down and abused by an agency... More >>

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