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1999 Stories by Eric Dexheimer

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  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is

    published September 16, 1999

    Last year, three days before Christmas, in an isolated field outside the tiny Western Slope town of Mancos, Richard Skala and Kelly Green began... More >>

  • A Heavy Load

    published September 16, 1999

    Late one afternoon, after an overly long day at work, I left my office and began walking toward my car. I assumed I was alone until, out of the... More >>

  • An Ugly Racket

    published September 9, 1999

    The Denver Tennis Club's 4.5 men's team was marching inexorably toward a second straight national championship, when suddenly, in the middle of... More >>

  • Caller Rewards Program

    published August 12, 1999

    When US West announced that it had decided to reject its first suitor, Global Crossing, and marry Qwest instead, most shareholders rejoiced at... More >>

  • The Old Man and the Weed

    published August 5, 1999

    It was early last September when Raymond Gutierrez heard the helicopter circling overhead. He was washing dishes. The way Raymond lives,... More >>

  • Time's Out

    published July 15, 1999

    Here in Rocky the Leprechaun's converted Evergreen garage, Mark Speck has reached ground-zero for his Y2K doubts. He eyes the display of thirty... More >>

  • Devil to Play

    published July 1, 1999

    Tom McCroskey's teammates call him The Retriever. During a late spring match--May is still considered early season for competitive tennis... More >>

  • Somebody Threw a Screwball

    published June 3, 1999

    Earlier this year, Detective John Incampo quit the Lakewood Police Department after a quarter-century of working as a cop--the last half of it as... More >>

  • This House Protected by Lawyers

    published May 27, 1999

    Life hasn't been the same for J. Stewart Jackson IV since 1996, when he sold Denver Burglar Alarm, the business his family had run since 1917... More >>

  • Pat Bowlen's Bad Bet

    published May 20, 1999

    With John Elway finally acknowledging that he's become too creaky for football, the Broncos find themselves in the unfamiliar position of having... More >>

  • The Royal Grudge Bridge

    published April 29, 1999

    This December will mark seventy years since the Royal Gorge Bridge was strung 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River where it cuts through a sheer... More >>

  • A Real Ball-Buster

    published April 15, 1999

    In the state Department of Corrections' Alternative Program, also known as "boot camp" and modeled on military-style training, guards may apply... More >>

  • Head Case

    published March 11, 1999

    In the spring semester of 1992, Dr. Peter Buirski, dean of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver, handed out... More >>

  • Spoiling the Whole Bunch

    published February 25, 1999

    In the peculiar economics of farming, this year's Colorado apple crop was the best of times--right up until it became the worst of times. Last... More >>

  • Secretary's Day Off

    published February 4, 1999

    Several pieces of proposed legislation making their way through the Colorado General Assembly raise the question: If Secretary of State Vikki... More >>

  • Honor Thy Mother

    published January 28, 1999

    It's a cool, sharp spring morning, early April, 11:45, a time when most people are swallowing the last gulp of their second cup of coffee or... More >>

  • Ali Clear

    published January 21, 1999

    The cops were wrong, and Ali Seyed Kazemi was right: Despite the three-year police investigation that concluded otherwise, it wasn't he who tried... More >>

  • A New Dress for the Old Gal

    published January 7, 1999

    A couple of years ago, Art Greer developed an interest in local history and began working to revive the decrepit neighborhood just northeast of... More >>

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