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  • Most Precious Blood

    published November 24, 2005

    Most Precious Blood is pissed off again. Religious fanatics, numb consumers, faithless exes, vapid politicians and those thoughtless carnivores... More >>

  • all capitals

    published November 17, 2005

    Deceptively simple at first, the often-seething guitar pop of all capitals reveals greater complexity upon repeated listens. At its best, the band... More >>

  • Diamond Nights

    published November 17, 2005

    Nearly every mention of Diamond Nights cites Thin Lizzy as a reference point, but the Brooklyn quartet's debut full-length, Popsicle, is... More >>

  • Strapping Young Lad

    published November 17, 2005

    Grating, blistering, relentless industrial thrash death metal about marriage and starting a family? Leave it to Strapping Young Lad's freakish... More >>

  • Bleed American

    published November 10, 2005

    Mark Eitzel wants to know if I can hold on for a second. Through a muffled receiver, I hear him speaking to a friend on the other end. "I'm gonna... More >>

  • Quiet Riot

    published October 27, 2005

    Peter Bo Rappmund and Grant Hazard Outerbridge -- the duo who make up the Very Hush Hush -- pulled up stakes and headed for the warmer/weirder... More >>

  • Saxon Shore

    published October 27, 2005

    In the world of instrumental rock, Saxon Shore has little in common with the onanistic, sonically soulless noodling of Eric Johnson or the... More >>

  • Okkervil River

    published October 27, 2005

    Okkervil River makes happy music for sad people. The act's lo-fi indie rock is alternately cheerless and hilarious, fragile and burly, beautiful... More >>

  • Hit Pic

    published October 20, 2005

    I like it," says Alan Andrews, "because it's not about punching." No, it's about dancing. And Andrews, singer/guitarist with the Photo Atlas,... More >>

  • Vaux

    published October 20, 2005

    When you first listen to Vaux's major-label debut, Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice, it sounds like little has changed from the smarter-than-most... More >>

  • The Hold Steady

    published October 20, 2005

    Lately, New York's the Hold Steady has gotten more ink than a hipster covering up that embarrassing Lorax tattoo he got in college -- and with... More >>

  • Iron & Wine/Calexico

    published October 20, 2005

    There are two routes taken on most collaborations between distinctive musicians. Either one fantastic sound disappears while the other dominates... More >>

  • Anti-Rock

    published October 13, 2005

    James Murphy is tired. It's 10 a.m. in Brooklyn -- a decidedly un-rockin' hour for any rock star. But it's not just the time of day that's... More >>

  • My Morning Jacket

    published October 13, 2005

    If the idea of a synthesized bass line opening a My Morning Jacket record disturbs you, stop reading and go back to your latest issue of No... More >>

  • The Divorce

    published October 13, 2005

    With viral melodies, sold-their-soul technique and devilish beats, the four horsemen of Seattle's the Divorce create end-times party music that... More >>

  • Make Believe

    published October 6, 2005

    When Fugazi's VW Microbus crashed into Frank Zappa's Mothership of Invention, the collision sounded a lot like Make Believe. Released last year,... More >>

  • Dresden Dolls

    published October 6, 2005

    If the thought of "piano rock" conjures images of Elton John in his duck suit or Jerry Lee Lewis pounding the ivories with his penny loafers, then... More >>

  • The Rosebuds

    published September 29, 2005

    If the Rosebuds' 2003 debut, The Rosebuds Make Out, overflowed with pop songs of innocence, then their 2005 followup, Birds Make Good... More >>

  • Earlimart

    published September 29, 2005

    Much has happened in the five years since Earlimart released its sophomore effort, the raucous Kingdom of Champions, which drew comparisons... More >>

  • The National

    published September 22, 2005

    For a certain kind of person, there's nothing happier than really sad music. That's where the National comes in. On the quintet's latest... More >>

  • Black Dice

    published September 22, 2005

    Black Dice makes experimental electronic noise rock that's been known to draw blood. Infamous for their visceral and assaulting live shows,... More >>

  • Maceo Parker

    published September 15, 2005

    Quite simply, there is no better living showman than Maceo Parker. Catching one of the alto sax maestro's marathon three-hour shows is a truly... More >>

  • Minus the Bear

    published September 8, 2005

    Minus the Bear's latest record, Menos el Oso, is the sound of hardcore kids growing up. Known previously for comical song titles like "Hey,... More >>

  • OK Go

    published August 25, 2005

    OK Go is back with a sophomore release that puts its brilliant debut to shame. Offering intelligent lyrics, infectious melodies and a bratty... More >>

  • Des Ark

    published August 18, 2005

    The rock duo is the new quartet. The White Stripes, the Dresden Dolls, the Black Keys and many more have proven that two people with the right raw... More >>

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