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  • Orc Chops

    published December 19, 2002

    Fantasy is at its best when it ennobles our reality, and at the movies this year no fantastic adventure towers above The Lord of the Rings:... More >>

  • Flick Pick

    published December 19, 2002

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A miracle in midnight-movie finery; a spot-on analysis of adolescent ambition, gender... More >>

  • Prozium Nation

    published December 5, 2002

    Transcribed verbatim from the DVD commentary track of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, here's an informative sci-fi concept from... More >>

  • Like Father, Like Hell

    published November 28, 2002

    Christ is sexy. There -- got your attention. But honestly, think about it: nice guy, pretty hair, carpentry skills, puts loaves (and fishes) on... More >>

  • Wonder Boy

    published November 14, 2002

    So, you wish to know if Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is as good as the first Harry Potter movie? Is it as charming,... More >>

  • Queen of Pain

    published November 7, 2002

    With Frida -- the story of profoundly passionate and uncompromising Mexican-Jewish painter Frida Kahlo -- it's evident that a few... More >>

  • Fly Spy

    published October 31, 2002

    Now, here's an innovative narrative: Two shticky goofs of different races get stuck with a ridiculous mission and must overcome their mutual... More >>

  • To Die For

    published October 17, 2002

    Death is too often taken literally, and this unfortunate perspective is sustained by much cinema, despite the medium's dubious kiss of... More >>

  • Women Behaving Badly

    published October 3, 2002

    Ordinarily it would seem somewhat odious to put so fine a point on this, but what the hey: Gather up your gay friends, because here's a movie... More >>

  • Eye Love Paris

    published September 12, 2002

    Since average folk can't often afford to fly to Paris (unless they live, say, in Lyon), 93-year-old Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira offers... More >>

  • How Good Can It Get?

    published August 15, 2002

    Sometimes when a director shoots at a barn, the satisfaction comes in simply watching him hit it dead center. So it is with The Good... More >>

  • Powers Off

    published July 25, 2002

    Not much has changed in the ten years since Mike Myers used the Wayne's World movies as a personal launch pad, and then tipped his James... More >>

  • All Hail the Emperor

    published July 18, 2002

    There are a few dubious claims regarding popular perceptions of the life and death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Despite the legend, he wasn't -- at... More >>

  • Deep Thinker

    published July 18, 2002

    Of all the A-list men playing dedicated authority figures, Star Wars alums Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson remain among the most amusing and... More >>

  • Reel Life

    published June 27, 2002

    Naked emotion is a tricky thing to sell in motion pictures, especially in semi-autobiographical ones about confused mama's boys gradually learning... More >>

  • Oscar-Worthy

    published May 30, 2002

    The plot of The Importance of Being Earnest, for those unfortunates who've missed it these past 109 years, goes something like this:... More >>

  • Dream Weaver

    published May 2, 2002

    Kick a boy enough times and he'll become a man. The question is, of what sort? In his long-awaited feature portrait of the comic-book hero... More >>

  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

    published March 28, 2002

    It's readily apparent that Danny DeVito's Death to Smoochy deals with a thoroughly debauched children's television host (Robin... More >>

  • Ouch!

    published March 21, 2002

    One of the fun things about the media is that many people who work in it lie almost constantly, creating a social minefield that keeps everybody... More >>

  • Future Shock

    published March 7, 2002

    Science fiction can wow us with gadgetry, but only the truly ambitious stuff lights up our imaginations with disturbing and unshakable... More >>

  • Asking for It

    published February 7, 2002

    If they teach the work of Todd Solondz someday, assuming he's not already in the curriculum somewhere, the lectures are bound to be rather short.... More >>

  • Banging Bigotry

    published February 7, 2002

    In case the season has you feeling shamefully joyous, here's a stark little oasis of misery to remind you that America sometimes sucks and its... More >>

  • A Hairy Tale

    published January 10, 2002

    Attended by a rather sexy air of intrigue, the hit French film Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des Loups) arrives upon our... More >>

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