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  • 4 days ago | Immigration

    Dear Mexican: My boyfriend is Mexican, and I love him very much. We have a very good relationship, and most of the time he is sensitive to my needs and feelings. On some occasions, however, he will act in a VERY stubborn way. If something I said o...

  • 12 days ago | Immigration

    Dear Mexican: I’m white, and Donald Trump scares the crap out of me. Mexicans must be shaking in their boots. Dump Trump Dear Gabacho: Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to Mexicans since the bacon-wrapped hot dog. Oh, his rhetoric is straig...

  • 19 days ago | Immigration

    Dear Mexican: I’m tired of debating these pasty whitebreads that the Camino Real has had people back and forth across the border for over 500 years, and that a fence is redundant and that people will always be crossing our southern border. The whi...

  • 25 days ago | Immigration

    Dear Mexican: Why is it that Mexican immigrants like my parents, who have done well enough in this country to provide a home (a house, paid off in ten years, in white Orange County), an education, food, clothes and toys for their children, can com...

  • 1 month ago | Immigration

    Dear Readers: The Mexican is currently in the rancho, scheming about how to get close enough to Donald Trump to smear a bean burrito in his face — HA! But I did want to share two cosas. A couple weeks back, I published a letter from one Dickhead i...

  • 1 month ago | Immigration

    Dear Mexican: I recently received the biography of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. While reading about his friendship with Jimi Hendrix, I came to a part in which Ronnie describes Jimi as part black, Cherokee and Mexican. I’ve always read ab...


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