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1999 Stories by Harrison Fletcher

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  • Silent Night

    published December 23, 1999

    It's consuming him, the murder of his daughter. He knows this, feels himself becoming overwhelmed, but he can't stop. "I think about it before I... More >>

  • Double Trouble

    published December 2, 1999

    It's an inside joke, this thing about food, but in a way, it really did start with their guts. The Navy. Pearl Harbor. The USO. The billboard.... More >>

  • Run for Their Lives

    published November 18, 1999

    There is no simple way to explain what most people cannot understand. And after 135 years, there is no simple way to heal a wound that still... More >>

  • Nuts!

    published November 11, 1999

    Item: As the millennium approaches, a local exterminator shares an observation: "My phone has been ringing off the hook," he says. "Yeah.... More >>

  • Cross Purposes

    published October 28, 1999

    He told himself that Lenny was gone, that he would not be coming back, but Robert MacLaren couldn't make himself believe. He talked to the police... More >>

  • West Side Story

    published October 7, 1999

    The houses are still there, sitting in the middle of the Auraria campus as though nothing had ever happened. They stand side by side, one short... More >>

  • Cruise Control

    published September 23, 1999

    It's a big night on the boulevard. Federal Boulevard. Cruisers drive along with Mexican flags draped over their hoods, rap music thumping from... More >>

  • Heated Competition

    published September 9, 1999

    Previous... More >>

  • Scraping Bottom

    published September 2, 1999

    Kent Olson is driving through his neighborhood with a notepad in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, and it's all he can do to keep on... More >>

  • Food on the Tracks

    published August 19, 1999

    The train is late, again, so the stringy blonde and her friend, the one with the silver stud through her nose, slouch toward a couple of stools at... More >>

  • Up the Creek

    published August 12, 1999

    Ben Kelley sits back on his front porch and looks out across the street at the row of new townhomes, the field of weeds, the boarded-up crack... More >>

  • Boot Hell

    published July 29, 1999

    In northwest Denver, you wake up, rub the sleep from your eyes and straggle toward Common Grounds at 32nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard. There... More >>

  • A Place in the Crowd

    published July 22, 1999

    Two guys, one with a walker and the other with a cane, sit at opposite ends of a long table at the boarding home. "Hey, there. How are... More >>

  • Seems Like Olde Times

    published July 8, 1999

    Ron Domenick, dealer of model trains and antique china, gulps the dregs of his morning coffee and slams a meaty fist on the counter. ... More >>

  • Who's Minding the Store?

    published July 1, 1999

    Russell Berry is here, leaning back in a rocker with his cup of coffee and can of chew, so it must be morning in Hillside. Time to get... More >>

  • Shifting Sands

    published June 10, 1999

    It happened in a place where the land rises and falls like ocean swells, and what the earth didn't claim, souvenir-hunters did, until all... More >>

  • Their Future Is Cloudy

    published May 20, 1999

    Mary MacLean is trying to explain what she does for a living and how she does it, but her friend Debi Lind keeps finishing her sentences. ... More >>

  • Life Goes On

    published May 6, 1999

    On the day that fifteen people died at Columbine High School, Rebecca Oakes tried to block out the barrage of news reports, the sirens and the... More >>

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    published April 22, 1999

    With less than an hour left, the plan had gone wrong. The three of them were supposed to steal five cars and place them at five police substations... More >>

  • A Matter of Record

    published April 8, 1999

    The courtroom was quiet. Vivien Spitz walked toward her station beneath the panel of four American judges and, as protocol required,... More >>

  • The Beat Goes On

    published March 25, 1999

    If you didn't know better, you might think Carnell Green is hurting, the way he sits on stage in his black suit and shiny shoes, stiff-backed and... More >>

  • Blast From the Past

    published March 11, 1999

    Way back when, a cantankerous old guy named E.H. "Brownie" Brown climbed atop his taxidermy shop south of U.S. 85 near what would become... More >>

  • Arrested Development

    published February 18, 1999

    Until the cops slapped on the cuffs and loaded her into a paddy wagon, Dellena Aguilar had only heard the stories about police rousting teens... More >>

  • Chicanery Row

    published February 4, 1999

    After his girlfriend left and he had a nervous breakdown, quit his teaching job and stopped taking his medication, John the Depressed Guy... More >>

  • Keep a Light On

    published January 21, 1999

    Polly Sullivan kept lighthouses in her window, rows of miniature beacons that illuminated the old military dormitory at Lowry that is now Crooked... More >>

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