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2002 Stories by Harrison Fletcher

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  • The Unflushables

    published December 19, 2002

    Kenneth Jessen is a student of the eccentric. The 64-year-old retired engineer turned writer has delved into the lives of such characters as... More >>

  • The Misfits

    published November 28, 2002

    He was terrified. At any moment they could leap forward, press a screwdriver to his throat and mug him -- in front of God and the whole world. In... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published November 21, 2002

    Terri Cruz, the up-and-coming featherweight boxer from north Denver, recently took one on the chin in her drive for a belt. But as she's done... More >>

  • Meanwhile, Back at the Ranchera

    published October 24, 2002

    Delia Flores has selected raspberry lipstick, a blue headband and six tiny gold hoop earrings for the evening. Although she still has to wear her... More >>

  • Wheels of Misfortune

    published September 12, 2002

    They arrive before the sun, traveling from Longmont and beyond to the corner of Champa Street and Park Avenue West. The small man carrying two... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published August 22, 2002

    It's a good thing Leonard Carlo's head is almost as big as his mouth. Whenever the 67-year-old former tavern owner locks horns with authorities,... More >>

  • Cruz Control

    published August 1, 2002

    She never sees it coming, the shot that drops her. One moment Terri Cruz is gliding across the ring, snapping that jab, firing that right, when... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published June 20, 2002

    Tim Seastedt had a feeling about bugs. Under the proper conditions -- and given enough time -- perhaps insects could succeed where farmers,... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published June 13, 2002

    Since he moved to the village of Louviers 35 years ago, Jaime Smith has often stood in his back yard, surveyed the rolling grasslands behind his... More >>

  • Divining Intervention

    published May 30, 2002

    Late afternoon, Panorama Park, Wheat Ridge. Greg Storozuk stands beneath a pine tree. Sprinklers hiss in the background, a breeze blows in... More >>

  • What Lies Beneath

    published May 30, 2002

    Phil Carpenter supervises Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins. Over the years, he's uncovered his share of unusual problems. Grandview was... More >>

  • Moon Child

    published April 25, 2002

    It came from outer space. Four and a half billion years ago, when the solar system was a young, violent and messy place, a hot and nasty... More >>

  • A Wing and a Prayer

    published March 28, 2002

    The wind is cold, sharp, and blowing steadily from the east at five knots. The clouds are thick but airy, blotting the sky in patches. The... More >>

  • The Truck Stops Here

    published February 7, 2002

    Gertrudes "Raul" Cabral leans against the cold counter of his Chevy lonchera, shaking off the sleep. He was here until eleven o'clock last night,... More >>

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