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  • PlatteForum gets a sizable grant to study graffiti

    published Nov 30, 2010

    It's a common complaint about art: "I don't get it." The French theorist Nicolas Bourriaud explored that idea back in 1996 -- how art can often be so removed from the everyday human experience, cordon... More >>

  • Leftover Yam Jam fashion: skiers and snowboarders face off

    published Nov 29, 2010

    At the leftover Yam Jam on Friday, skiers and snowboarders alike gathered to face it off freestyle in a casual post-Thanksgiving competition. They were facing off against each other -- the skier and s... More >>

  • Photos: Black Friday Flash Mob and Dance Party at Cherry Creek Mall

    published Nov 26, 2010

    On what basically amounts to a national holiday dedicated to crass commercialism -- Black Friday -- at least a few people were gathered to do something at a mall that did not involve hemorrhaging mone... More >>

  • The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Pretty much one long advertisment

    published Nov 26, 2010

    The custom of watching The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, as Kiernan Maletsky pointed out the other day, is one of our more bizarre holiday traditions: There is almost no cultural event more boring t... More >>

  • Gratuitous Randomness: Joseph Decreux, archaic rapper

    published Nov 24, 2010

    The internetz are all about the law of unintended consequences: Once you put it out there, there's no telling where it'll go or in what form it will return. Of course, there were no internetz back in ... More >>

  • Trollchan: 4chan founder moot trolls Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

    Trollchan: 4chan founder moot trolls Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

    published Nov 24, 2010

    If you use Wikipedia on any kind of regular basis, you've seen the banner: "A personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales," accompanied by the ponderous mug of Wales himself, staring contemplat... More >>

  • Reality Elves

    published November 25, 2010

    Amid the relentless commercial onslaught of the holiday season, it can be hard to find a middle ground between advertiser-approved sentimental... More >>

  • All in the Family

    published November 25, 2010

    Perhaps more than any other genre of American music, zydeco brings to mind some distinctly down-home associations; the Cajun blend of country,... More >>

  • A Carol Gone Awry

    published November 25, 2010

    If there was a machine whose job it was to churn out Christmas stories -- and it’s possible that there is -- A Christmas Carol would... More >>

  • Better Run, Turkey

    published November 25, 2010

    Whether you’re looking for wholesome family fun or campy holiday weirdness on Thanksgiving, chances are you’ll find something at the... More >>

  • Monday Night Football: That's what she said?

    Monday Night Football: That's what she said?

    published Nov 23, 2010

    The game of football has a long, storied tradition of homoerotica: the spandex pants, the frequent bending over, the sweaty, man-on-man grappling -- it's a classic case of Sparta syndrome: athletic, h... More >>

  • Five foods better than turkey for your Thanksgiving feast

    published Nov 23, 2010

    Everyone knows turkey sucks. It's dry, it's boring and the only reason people eat it is because it conveniently feeds a lot of people at the same time. That is a stupid reason to eat anything. And it'... More >>

  • Happy Joy Day is Happy

    published November 18, 2010

    Director Chip Mabry's documentary portrait of Portland's Rose City Rollers won best in show at both the Crossroads Film Festival and the... More >>

  • Groucho Marx, the original gangsta of smartassery

    published Nov 19, 2010

    Frank Ferrante does a Groucho Marx so convincing he doesn't even rehearse his show anymore; it's all ad-libbed. And while Ferrante does incorporate some classic lines into An Evening with Groucho, his... More >>

  • One chapter book reviews: Pukka

    published Nov 18, 2010

    Much like God dictated the Bible to its various writers, a dog named Pukka dictated Pukka to its author, Ted Kerasote. Or at least that's the conceit. The follow-up to Merle's Door, a book someone nam... More >>

  • Local filmmakers and local films galore at EFPalooza, starting tonight

    published Nov 18, 2010

    Today is a good day for local films -- like, a ridiculously good day. On top of the Adventure Film Festival starting today in Boulder and tonight's one-time screening of the locally shot Our Good Frie... More >>

  • Willow Palin big-ups the Palins on Facebook with homophobic slurs, atrocious grammar

    Willow Palin big-ups the Palins on Facebook with homophobic slurs, atrocious grammar

    published Nov 17, 2010

    If conservative politics are a circus, then the Palin family is everyone's favorite sideshow. The teen pregnancy, the strange babydaddy drama, the truncated term as governor -- shoot, that was the Pal... More >>

  • Free movie time: Food, Inc. tonight at Fluid Coffee Bar

    published Nov 17, 2010

    In recent years, there's been a spate of documentaries that traffic in what you might call "guiltertainment," dissecting a common problem, rivetingly revealing how awful it is and then telling you how... More >>

  • He Left His Marx

    published November 18, 2010

    The word “impersonator” does not always have positive connotations, bringing to mind sweaty fat men in pompadours and rhinestone-studded... More >>

  • As Seen on TV

    published November 18, 2010

    John Oliver is not a journalist, but he plays one on TV. Actually, he plays a journalist in real-life situations that are broadcast on TV... More >>

  • A Spell on You

    published November 18, 2010

    Of all the great female jazz singers of the mid-twentieth century, Nina Simone was perhaps the most distinctive, enigmatic, occasionally... More >>

  • David Simpich spices up A Christmas Carol... with puppets

    published Nov 16, 2010

    Unless you're a troglodyte who lives under a rock and hates freedom, you've seen A Christmas Carol. The play, the cartoon, the movie, the movie adapted from the play that is also a cartoon based on a ... More >>

  • Over the Weekend: Keeping the American dream alive at the Rodeo

    Over the Weekend: Keeping the American dream alive at the Rodeo

    published Nov 15, 2010

    Living in Denver -- especially if you live in Capitol Hill, as I do -- it can be easy to forget that, despite our fancy skyscrapers and hoity-toity public art, we still living in the wild American Wes... More >>

  • The Situation: Creepiest possible Victoria's Secret Fashion Show correspondent?

    published Nov 15, 2010

    Judge me if you will: I love The Jersey Shore. I love the uber-clever film editing designed to highlight the characters' duplicity and incompetence, I love the fact that it's inexplicably in Miami ins... More >>


    Tomorrow: "Zuni Fetishes," the last free lecture of From the Earth

    published Nov 12, 2010

    Vern Nieto knows his way around some Zuni fetishes -- and no, you pervert, it's not at all what you think. In the Zuni tradition, a "fetish" is a spiritually significant art object, a small, intricate... More >>

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