• @sixteenshells
    13 July, 2018

    The English Beat's Dave Wakeling Dreams of Peace in Our Time. At the Gothic Theatre July 15. https://t.co/xzxpF8EMIe via @westword_music

  • @sixteenshells
    11 July, 2018

    RT @Zoester: By the way.... if this is any indication of other neighbors.... my neighbors are boring a.f. And suck in their entertainment o…

  • @sixteenshells
    6 July, 2018

    @NINAYOcom Thanks, Jack!

  • @sixteenshells
    5 July, 2018

    Samuel Brightman Glover Makes Beauty From Pain https://t.co/C1MH04OEp6 via @westword_music

  • @sixteenshells
    4 July, 2018

    RT @Criterion: Beloved cinematographer Robby Müller forever altered the landscape of cinematography & created some of cinema’s most endurin…


Jon Solomon

Jon Solomon

Jon Solomon writes about music and nightlife for Westword, where he's been the Clubs Editor since 2006.

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