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  • The best of the West at the Great American Beer Festival

    published Oct 13, 2008

    Drink up! I went to the Great American Beer Festival last Thursday, October 9, and concluded that craft beers made West of the Mississippi River are, with a couple of notable exceptions, better th... More >>

  • Flying Shmuck

    published Oct 10, 2008

    Not just for athletes anymore. Denver may be a mile high, but there must be something in the rarified air above us that drives people to do, well, shmucky things. Take New Yorker Christina Eliza... More >>

  • East vs. West at the Great American Beer Festival

    published Oct 10, 2008

    Jealous? Let’s face it. For all of its prestige, for all of its variety, for all of its cachet, it's hard work to have fun at the Great American Beer Festival. There are lines to get in, lines ... More >>

  • How did Daphne's turkey sandwich fare?

    published Oct 08, 2008

    This sandwich is much better than my picture. Daphne’s Deli 393 Corona Street 303-733-1212 The Daphne $7.75 (with a pickle and side of potato salad) Turkey, avocado and Cajun sauce on sourdough... More >>

  • Anti-abortion clamor at the Colorado capitol

    published Oct 08, 2008

    State troopers confront a protestor. Yesterday afternoon, Governor Bill Ritter stood on the west Capitol steps to voice his opposition to Amendment 48, a.k.a. the Personhood Amendment, which woul... More >>

  • GABF events at Falling Rock Taphouse

    published Oct 06, 2008

    More beer! Tickets for the 27th annual Great America Beer Festival – which starts this Thursday – are sold out, but you can still get in on some beer-drinkin’ action. Falling Rock Taphouse,... More >>

  • Eddie Royal is on the numbers

    published Oct 03, 2008

    My new jersey. Okay, so I’ve whined. And I’ve moaned. And I’ve generally grumbled about how few Denver Broncos stars there are and how, because of that, I wouldn’t know which jersey to bu... More >>

  • Shmuck of the Week: Travis Henry

    published Oct 03, 2008

    Dad? Travis Henry has problems. Lots of problems. The former Denver Broncos running back ran himself right out of the NFL – and his lucrative salary – after getting busted last year for smok... More >>

  • An early Christmas for Colorado beer drinkers

    published Oct 02, 2008

    Out of Hibernation. Yes, it’s only October 2, but unlike Christmas decorations and glossy newspaper ads, holiday beers never…NEVER…come too early. This is my favorite time of the year for ho... More >>

  • Something Fishy at Cook's Fresh Market

    published Oct 01, 2008

    Salmon in foreground; turkey in back. Cook’s Fresh Market 1600 Glenarm Place 303-893-2277 Salmon BLT Salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato, dill aioli on rye. $8.99 Smoked Turkey Smoked turkey, dill ... More >>

  • Jack in the Box talks Colorado

    published Sep 26, 2008

    Hello Parker. Jack in the Box, the California-based fast food chain that left Colorado twelve years ago, is continuing its foray back into the state with a new location in Parker. Jack has already... More >>

  • Deli Zone: Rye times in NYC

    published Sep 25, 2008

    Deli Zone Deli Zone 955 Lincoln Street, suite D 303-860-0041 Chrysler Building $8.99 pastrami, Swiss cheese, mustard, marble rye (and sauerkraut) I need to talk about pastrami right now because... More >>

  • Lucky Shmuck: Robert "Ice Man" Evans

    published Sep 25, 2008

    ... More >>

  • Undressed at the Republican National Shmuckvention

    published Sep 19, 2008

    Mr. Schwartz is on the right. Some stories are too good to be true, and although we should sympathize with Colorado Republican delegate Gabriel Nathan Schwartz, who says he was robbed by a woman ... More >>

  • Chedd's doesn't go down well

    published Sep 18, 2008

    Gettin' grilled. Chedd’s 1906 Pearl Street 303-386-3998 The Ultimate Gouda and havarti on Dakota bread $5.50 I wanted to like this sandwich and I wanted to like Chedd’s. The concept it so goo... More >>

  • Shmuck: A crappy day at school

    published Sep 16, 2008

    Life of the Potty. For elementary school principals, education is typically priority Number One. But in the case of Michael Auclaire, principal of Peyton Elementary in Colorado Springs, Number T... More >>

  • The Promise Keepers' Bill McCartney can't go home again

    published Sep 15, 2008

    Promises, promises. Bill McCartney, the former coach of the University of Colorado football team – back when they were good – and co-founder of the Promise Keepers missionary men’s group, h... More >>

  • Positive signs at the Colorado DMV and courthouse

    published Sep 12, 2008

    Pay attention to the signs. Getting pulled over by the police sucks. Getting pulled over because your registration has been expired for quite some time is even worse. And when you also can’t fi... More >>

  • Shmuck of the week: JBS Swift

    published Sep 12, 2008

    JBS Swift rides the Shmuck truck. In one corner, wearing the corporate suits of a $10 billion meat packing conglomerate, the Greeley-based JBS Swift & Company. In the other corner, wearing head ... More >>

  • Pastrami and egg salad make magic at Heidi's

    published Sep 10, 2008

    The happy couple. Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli 831 Colorado Boulevard (and numerous other locations) 303-355-6494 Bronx Bomber Egg salad and pastrami $6.99 Pastrami and Egg Salad. The words go togethe... More >>

  • Selling Barack Obama's memories on eBay

    published Sep 10, 2008

    Tickets for sale. In the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention, peddlers have not unexpectedly taken to eBay to sell leftover T-shirts and buttons and other paraphernalia. But there ha... More >>

  • Denver's Guardian Angels find a new home

    published Sep 08, 2008

    Sebastian Metz before and after his surgery. Denver’s Guardian Angels chapter has a new home, after bouncing around central Denver for the past few years. The organization has moved to 2100 Eas... More >>

  • Shmuck: The Obama plotters

    published Sep 05, 2008

    Bad movies lead to bad plots. What do you get when you cross a wanted criminal, underage girls, methamphetamines, wigs, guns, body armor, the Democratic National Convention and The Bodyguard (with... More >>

  • Shmuck: Boulder sheriff's deputies arrest one

    published Sep 03, 2008

    Do not pass go. Can’t get arrested any other way? Why not bring the crime right to the police -- right to the jail, even! Political protesters may have been in the sights of thousands and thou... More >>

  • Spicy Pickle's Yard Bird: Once you get past the bread, it goes the distance

    published Sep 03, 2008

    This bird is singing on the inside. Spicy Pickle 988 Lincoln Street 303.860.0730 Yard Bird Roasted chicken, bacon, fresh apples, spinach, bleu cheese crumbles and honey mustard. $6.95 Spicy Pick... More >>

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