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  • Down some Liquid Poetry at the Wynkoop

    published Apr 13, 2009

    Does your pale ale go down better with some Poe, your stout with some Silverstein and your lager with some Longfellow? If so, then you and your favorite iambic pentameters might want to try Liquid Poe... More >>

  • Is the Boss the latest victim of Denver's budding celebrity curse?

    published Apr 10, 2009

    Has Denver developed a celebrity curse? In January, it was basketball analyst and former NBA great Charles Barkley, who got busted for a DUI after he ran a stop sign in Scottsdale, Arizona, while on ... More >>

  • Our Weekly Bread: Safeway

    published Apr 10, 2009

    The sandwich: Smoke stack Where to get it: Safeway What's on it: Turkey, ham, fontina, tomato, lettuce and mustard on ciabatta bread How much: $5.49 I didn't really want to review the sandwiches at S... More >>

  • Run Mayor Hick, Run

    Run Mayor Hick, Run

    published Apr 09, 2009

    Did John Hickenlooper officially announce his re-election campaign in a downtown whiskey distillery this week? Or was the ever-entertaining Denver mayor just feeling particularly spirited (the electio... More >>

  • Mayor Hick drives the bung at Stranahan's

    published Apr 09, 2009

    Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey celebrated the corking of its 1,000th barrel on Wednesday, April 8 -- which means that the five-year-old micro-distillery has produced 52,800 gallons of whiskey at its fac... More >>

  • Hit the Sandlot on Opening Day

    Hit the Sandlot on Opening Day

    published Apr 08, 2009

    Baseball season is on tap, and so is the seasonal reappearance of Denver's oddest brewpub, Blue Moon Brewing Co. @ the Sandlot, inside Coors Field. Why is it odd? Although the brewery itself - owned ... More >>

  • Shmuck of the Week: The Weather

    published Apr 03, 2009

    Snow. Sun. Snow. Sun. Clouds. Thunder. Heat. Cold. We realize this is Colorado. We realize that if you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait an hour. We realize that it's kind of fun experiencin... More >>

  • Our Weekly Bread: Aye Conyo at Buchi Café Cubano

    Our Weekly Bread: Aye Conyo at Buchi Café Cubano

    published Apr 03, 2009

    The sandwich: Aye Conyo What's on it: Cuban roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, onions, mustard, pepperoni, turkey, hot peppers and Key lime mayo on Cuban bread. Where to get it: Buchi Café Cub... More >>

  • A Psychedelic Experience for Ward Churchill?

    published Apr 02, 2009

    It's been a long trial, and former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill probably needs a mental break from his wrongful-termination lawsuit against the school (a case that has gone to the... More >>

  • Get ready for the Gunnison sage grouse

    published Apr 02, 2009

    The Waunita Lek near Gunnison, mating grounds for a large group of Gunnison sage grouse, is open for public viewings, and bird watchers will have good news to share with the rare species, which puts... More >>

  • Our Daily Bread Special Report!

    published Mar 27, 2009

    So, Westword web editor Joe Tone and I tried going to Mendelson's today for a triple-decker sandwich so I could start working on my Mendelson's sweatshirt (free if you eat all 21 varieties), but ... More >>

  • Our Weekly Bread: Quiznos, yeah, Quiznos

    published Mar 26, 2009

    The sandwich: Pesto Turkey Torpedo Where to get it: Quiznos What's on it: Turkey, mozzarella, pesto, lettuce, tomato, red wine vinaigrette How much: $4 Let the haters hate. I don't care, because whe... More >>

  • Our Weekly Bread: Sausage and peppers at Carbone's

    published Mar 20, 2009

    The sandwich: Italian sausage with peppers What's on it: Italian sausage, peppers, provolone and marinara sauce on a hoagie roll Where to get it: Carbone's Italian Sausage Market and Deli (1221 West 3... More >>

  • Live blogging St. Patrick's Day from the Fainting Goat: Happy Birthday to me!

    published Mar 17, 2009

    Editor's note: Earlier this week, Patty Calhoun had the brilliant idea to dispatch Jonathan Shikes to the Fainting Goat for his 40th birthday, which happens to be St. Patrick's day, which happens to... More >>

  • Shmucks of the Week: McDaniels and Cutler

    published Mar 13, 2009

    It's hard to know who to be more frustrated with: the brand-new, Bill Belichik-style youngster, who'd barely figured out his I-25 from his I-70 before dumping half the team and infuriating his star qu... More >>

  • Journalists battle it out over chili

    published Mar 13, 2009

    The number of journalists in Denver may be shrinking, but the media scene is still cooking - at least when it comes to chili. A few dozen reporters, editors, photographers and the like (including your... More >>

  • Today's featured event: Pulitzer Prize winner and East High grad Dan Howe on what God hath wrought

    published Mar 12, 2009

    East High grad and author Daniel Howe will talk about his 2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning history tome, What Hath God Wrought -- The Transformation of America: 1815-1848, at 7 p.m. tonight at the Colora... More >>

  • The Wynkoop's canny new strategy

    published Mar 12, 2009

    The Wynkoop Brewing Co. was the first modern-era brewpub to open its doors in Denver, and this summer, it plans to become the first city brewery to sell its beer in cans. "We're pushing for June," sa... More >>

  • Our Weekly Bread: Vert Kitchen

    published Mar 11, 2009

    The sandwich: Tortilla Española Where to get it: Vert Kitchen (704 South Pearl Street, 303-997-5941, What's on it: potato omelet, aioli, manchego cheese, lettuce and tomato How m... More >>

  • Shmuck of the Week: Jared "Rocky Killer" Polis

    published Mar 06, 2009

    Here is an example of a condolence e-card you can find at, the online greeting card company originally founded by the parents of Jared Polis, who's now a first-term Congressman ... More >>

  • Up in the Trees

    published March 5, 2009

    Danyl Cook was first inspired to paint trees on a trip to Italy, but it’s the trees in the parks of Denver that move him emotionally and... More >>

  • Spare Change

    published March 5, 2009

    Good bowlers, bad bowlers and just plain ugly bowlers will gather tonight for the fifth annual Concerts for Kids Bowl-A-Thon, where anyone... More >>

  • New Belgium's Sunshine Wheat gets canned

    published Mar 04, 2009

    New Belgium Brewing, which began canning its signature Fat Tire amber ale last summer, will release a second aluminum-clad brew, Sunshine Wheat, in April or May. The move gives more credence to the gr... More >>

  • Our Weekly Bread: Summerhill Market

    Our Weekly Bread: Summerhill Market

    published Mar 04, 2009

    The Sandwich: Italian Sub Where to get it: Summerhill Market (5614 East Cedar Avenue, 303-377-2979, What's on it: Capicola, ham, salami, provolone, lettuce and tomatoes, ma... More >>

  • A Good Belt

    published February 26, 2009

    George Thorogood drinks alone, and now we know why. With a beverage in tow, it’s hard to shake hands, throw your arm around a girl or slap... More >>

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