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1999 Stories by Joshua Green

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  • Anthony B / Bob Marley

    published December 16, 1999

    In recent years, it has become clear that reggae stars rank just behind teenagers and sheep as the creatures most likely to follow the group... More >>

  • Anatomically Correct

    published August 19, 1999

    Reggae music has historically been sung by the disadvantaged, and although the members of John Brown's Body don't reflect the standard image of... More >>

  • Feelin' Skavoovie

    published August 12, 1999

    Like most guys in high school band, the members of Skavoovie and the Epitones didn't have dates for their junior prom. But it wasn't because they... More >>

  • Playlist

    published July 15, 1999

    Cibo Matto Stereo Type A (Warner Bros.) The latest serving from Cibo Matto has a tough meal to follow. The band's debut, 1996's... More >>

  • Playlist

    published June 17, 1999

    Argan South Moroccan Motor Berber (Barbarity) I know that a lot of you have been burned by world music: You've picked up a... More >>

  • Obliqand Proud of It

    published May 27, 1999

    Jeff Holland, Nathan Jantz and Dave Alexander are computer experts with enough collective know-how to bring the Pentagon's systems administrator... More >>

  • Playlist

    published May 13, 1999

    Nancy Wilson Live at McCabes Guitar Shop (Epic) Which one was the dog and which one was the butterfly? And how come there wasn't... More >>

  • Playlist

    published May 6, 1999

    Joey McIntyre Stay the Same (C2 Records) If you needed any more proof that musical cycles are swirling faster than ever before,... More >>

  • Slack Time

    published April 8, 1999

    "You know what it is about our band?" asks Marq Lyn, vocalist for the Slackers, a New York City-based ska act. "We have the... More >>

  • Playlist

    published April 1, 1999

    TLC FanMail (La Face) Production is often used as a coat of paint that's slapped on to disguise the inferiority of the song... More >>

  • Playlist

    published March 4, 1999

    Various Artists Porn to Rock (Callner Music) Sex-O-Rama 2 Classic Adult Film Music (Oglio) Savvy music fans... More >>

  • Playlist

    published January 7, 1999

    Teletubbies Teletubbies: The Album (Kid Rhino) Although I'd heard that Teletubbies, a British children's series that's been... More >>

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