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  • Original Sin

    published November 16, 2000

    Natalie Vasquez was raised in Chamisal, a shabby village set among the piñons and red rolling hills of northern New Mexico, a... More >>

  • Marvin's Guardians

    published November 16, 2000

    Under ordinary circumstances, what happened October 30 inside holding cell No. 4 at the Denver County Courthouse would have been just that... More >>

  • Suicide Watch

    published October 5, 2000

    Dick Berger, executive director of Living Support Network, doesn't want to be interrupted, so he takes the phones off the hook, one by one.... More >>

  • So Many Sex Offenders, So Little Time

    published September 21, 2000

    Pine residents angry over a proposal to build a facility for juvenile sex offenders in their mountain town may be surprised to discover that they... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published September 21, 2000

    The Denver courts put too much faith in Oscar Paniagua. The self-titled "Messenger of Truth" is officially a fugitive after failing to show up... More >>

  • The Truth Hurts

    published August 31, 2000

    Oscar Paniagua is charming, articulate and personable, an immaculate dresser, the consummate salesman. Even the police say so. And over... More >>

  • Juris Prudence

    published August 17, 2000

    When Gilpin County resident Laura Kriho was called for jury duty back in May 1996, she didn't want to go. She planned to call the courthouse to... More >>

  • The Truth Is Almost Out Here

    published August 3, 2000

    In the world of Ufology, it's tough to be taken seriously. "There'll be a sighting somewhere, and it'll be a fantastic sighting," says Mike... More >>

  • Suffer the Children

    published July 27, 2000

    Last month, after waiting almost four years for an explanation, the public heard what happened the night two-year-old David Polreis was... More >>

  • The Child From Hell

    published July 27, 2000

    Neuropsychologist Steven Gray sees many kids who have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Working with them, he's been struck by a... More >>

  • Father Knows Best

    published July 6, 2000

    When sex-advice columnist Dan Savage sat down to write a book about how he and his partner adopted a baby, he was determined it wouldn't... More >>

  • The Boys Next Door

    published June 15, 2000

    Spittle slid down her face as Juliana Ibarra stood, frozen, in the aisle of the Blockbuster store. She'd run in for a video, looking for an... More >>

  • They're Not Columbine Knolls

    published June 15, 2000

    The sweeping green lawns of the Columbine Knolls neighborhood are punctuated by ranch-style brick houses and a smattering of split-levels and... More >>

  • Checking It Twice

    published June 15, 2000

    When the Colorado Legislature passed laws requiring sex offenders to register with the police and to make that information available to the... More >>

  • In the Hole

    published June 15, 2000

    In what may be the largest settlement of its kind, the State of Colorado has agreed to pay $70,000 to a prison inmate who was raped by a former... More >>

  • Hearts and Plowers

    published June 1, 2000

    Ron Norris's family eked out a living as sharecroppers in Scotch Ridge, Iowa. They lived simply, decades behind progress, tilling the fields with... More >>

  • A Plague on All Your Houses

    published May 18, 2000

    Last June 2, emergency teams gathered for a closed-door meeting at the Colorado Convention Center and learned that deadly anthrax had been... More >>

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