• @kmaletsky
    12 November, 2016

    RT @taffyakner: I played Leonard Cohen for my 9yo today and his response was, "He sounds like he is someone who has a rose between his teet…

  • @kmaletsky
    11 November, 2016

    RT @taffyakner: Yesterday I could not bear to be a sentient person or a woman and your activism just pissed me off more. https://t.co/pKlIB…

  • @kmaletsky
    2 November, 2016

    RT @MikeColeNESN: Kris Bryant smiling as he fields and throws for the final out is the greatest. https://t.co/8bAU1ayKbJ

  • @kmaletsky
    26 October, 2016

    RT @taffyakner: Kesha remains in suspended animation with unreleased music and a legal bill that I conservatively estimate is at $100,000/m…

  • @kmaletsky
    28 May, 2016

    RT @SheaSerrano: *locks front door* *goes in bedroom* *turns off the lights* *climbs into bed* *gets under several blankets* *whispers* "th…


Kiernan Maletsky

Kiernan Maletsky

Kiernan Maletsky is Westword's music editor. His writing has appeared in alt-weeklies around the country as well as Miley Cyrus's mom's Twitter feed.

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