Lauren Archuletta

Lauren Archuletta

Lauren Archuletta is a contributor for Westword's arts section, covering Denver's health and wellness scene. Follow her work for tips on cheap workouts and which yoga classes include mimosas and beer.

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  • 13 days ago | Classes

    It’s a week into 2018, and it’s time to test those New Year’s resolutions. Did you commit to get fit? Check out these free and cheap weekend workouts around the metro area this weekend to help get yourself motivated.

  • 20 days ago | Classes

    Before you make your official New Year’s resolutions — and before signing up for any gym memberships — take advantage of this weekend’s workout and wellness deals in Denver.

  • 27 days ago | Classes

    The holidays are officially upon us, as are the undue stress and anxiety of not ordering from Amazon Prime in time for a guaranteed Christmas Day delivery. Use this weekend to reset and re-energize before heading into the chaos that is last-minute...

  • 29 days ago | Classes

    When it comes to inclusivity in Denver’s fitness scene, L.A. Jennings is leading the charge. The co-owner of the MMA gym Train. Fight. Win. believes in creating a safe space for everyone, and she's starting a class aimed at women, trans-, femme- a...

  • 1 month ago | Classes

    Take a break from the stress of the holidays and ease into the weekend with plenty of yoga and relaxation. Choose from workouts that will either restore your mind or give you a full-body workout. Slip into some yoga pants and find your inner zen.

  • 1 month ago | Classes

    TGIF — and it’s time to hit the barre. The roundup of this weekend’s workouts include a donation cycling class, holiday bootcamps and all-location open houses at OrangeTheory Fitness. Get ready to sweat.


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