• @laureneverytime
    16 July, 2017

    @TheIsaJones I'd much rather be listening to Ja Rule in Gypsy Cafe. I'm in a Starbucks.

  • @laureneverytime
    8 July, 2017

    @Rockies I'm dealing with a v nervous groom-to-be down here in section 115, row 2. Maybe you should show him some love🤷🏽‍♀️#helpabrotherout

  • @laureneverytime
    7 July, 2017

    Before: post-workout but still stressed AF. After: post-facial,… https://t.co/R2ZMeNgF01

  • @laureneverytime
    29 June, 2017

    "You can only really exceed yourself if you can first relax with… https://t.co/hck6IPoJmF

  • @laureneverytime
    15 June, 2017

    @JasonWimberly @DenverWestword Literally can't wait to do all the things minus sit-ups. I learned my lesson. 👌🏼


Lauren Archuletta

Lauren Archuletta

Lauren is a contributor for Westword's arts and music sections, most often writing about beards and other hairy situations. She splits her time between handling the communications for a local nonprofit and writing for anywhere that will let her fangirl over early 2000s pop punk.

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