• @LilaThulin
    18 October, 2017

    @Clem_Labasse Thanks for the tips! It's hard to keep track of them all...tragic that there are so many.

  • @LilaThulin
    16 October, 2017

    @elliepses Ugh I LOVED Good Girls Revolt (might have been their target audience though since I'm a sucker for histo… https://t.co/MILka7AupW

  • @LilaThulin
    14 October, 2017

    @bdaruna Thank you! I was glad to help tell this important story.

  • @LilaThulin
    13 October, 2017

    Much as I appreciate my Italian heritage (pasta! art! a bazillion relatives!), victim-blaming like this is appallin… https://t.co/XmzGWFecJj

  • @LilaThulin
    11 October, 2017

    Read this. One of the best essays I've seen yet about Weinstein and the broader power dynamics of his actions: https://t.co/Tq6zeKfa8k


Lila Thulin

Lila Thulin

Lila Thulin recently graduated from Stanford University, where she earned a Human Biology degree with a minor in Creative Writing (she also learned to bike no-handed). She’s an aficionado of libraries, bagels and art in all forms; she covers the latter as a Westword intern.

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