• @LilaThulin
    21 September, 2017

    How can a state elect someone so openly bigoted to the Senate? (I guess the same way the country elected Trump...) 😨 https://t.co/LIZeeL7mpM

  • @LilaThulin
    20 September, 2017

    RT @jonfavs: It does not! Every study, every fact check, every reporter, every organization has recognized it does not. https://t.co/kdFEqC…

  • @LilaThulin
    19 September, 2017

    RT @rancheroni: football coach: i need you guys to make a play (8 months later at opening night) football coach: wait wtf is this

  • @LilaThulin
    18 September, 2017

    RT @FiveThirtyEight: In 1970, a women with a full-time, year-round job earned 59% of what a man made. In 2015, it was 80%. https://t.co/vbA…

  • @LilaThulin
    17 September, 2017

    @HugoKitano Oops! Thanks Twitter guru for teaching me the ropes.


Lila Thulin

Lila Thulin

Lila Thulin recently graduated from Stanford University, where she earned a Human Biology degree with a minor in Creative Writing (she also learned to bike no-handed). She’s an aficionado of libraries, bagels and art in all forms; she covers the latter as a Westword intern.

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