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1998 Stories by Linda Gruno

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  • Snake Charmers

    published June 4, 1998

    Musicians generally gravitate toward predictable day jobs to finance their passion: waiting tables, pumping gas, selling CDs and so on. But of the... More >>

  • A Taste of Honeyboy

    published April 16, 1998

    Upon meeting bluesman David Honeyboy Edwards in 1942, musicologist Alan Lomax called him a "genius" who could "make the guitar speak like a... More >>

  • Young Roy

    published April 9, 1998

    Saxophonist Wayne Shorter has been quoted as saying, "I do what I am, but I am not what I do." Trumpeter/flugelhornist Roy Hargrove is not as good... More >>

  • Blues--With Strings Attached

    published March 26, 1998

    The mere sight of Denver blues violinist Lionel Young on stage generates a jolt of energy, whether he's fronting a trio or an ensemble complete... More >>

  • Jazz in Synergy

    published March 19, 1998

    In the first year of its existence, Denver-based Synergy Music has issued nine albums--an impressive number by any standard. But Michael Fitts,... More >>

  • Quick-Change Artist

    published March 5, 1998

    A sticker on the shrink-wrap that covers Dark Dear Heart, the latest album by Canadian vocalist Holly Cole, reads, "File in Rock/Pop Vocal." But... More >>

  • In the Name of the Father

    published February 26, 1998

    When the subject of Thelonius Monk is raised, most people think about the late pianists' groundbreaking compositions and his singular approach to... More >>

  • Playlist

    published January 8, 1998

    Shania Twain Come On Over (Mercury) First time around, producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange went through the motions of trying to... More >>

  • Wooley Thinking

    published January 8, 1998

    Denver music fans are well aware of Ron Miles's growing national reputation. But even they may be surprised to learn that the instrumentalist's... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995 | 1994