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  • Taking Music by the Throat

    published November 27, 1997

    On the CD Fly, Fly My Sadness, the Bulgarian Voices--Angelite, a female chorus from Bulgaria formerly known as Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares,... More >>

  • Good Kitty

    published November 20, 1997

    Fans and critics have identified San Francisco-based Kitty Margolis as one of her generation's finest jazz vocalists. But Margolis herself isn't... More >>

  • Playlist

    published November 13, 1997

    The London Symphony Orchestra Paul McCartney's Standing Stone (EMI) Our nation's classical-music critics have gone after this... More >>

  • Harp Attack

    published October 23, 1997

    "All harpists do not have long blond hair, and they aren't tall and willowy and quiet," declares Boston-based harp virtuoso Deborah Henson-Conant.... More >>

  • Fortunate Son

    published September 18, 1997

    As any lover of the blues realizes, one of the music's principal themes is love gone bad. It's a subject with which Chicago-based bluesman Son... More >>

  • Shorter Over the Long Haul

    published September 11, 1997

    By almost any measure, Wayne Shorter, 64, is among the most influential jazz musicians of the past two generations. The saxophonist first made his... More >>

  • Out of the Shadows

    published September 4, 1997

    The middle-aged men behind Denver's Bob Gillis Group don't look like musicians. Trumpeter/ keyboardist Gillis could pass for the realtor who lives... More >>

  • Mama Knows Best

    published August 21, 1997

    For vocalist/composer Marie Daulne, founder and lead singer of Zap Mama, multiculturalism was a birthright. She was born in Zaire, the daughter of... More >>

  • Converging on Greatness

    published July 31, 1997

    Assembling the members of Convergence for a gig is easier said than done. You see, bassist Mark Simon, keyboardist Eric Gunnison and drummer Paul... More >>

  • Passing the Test

    published July 17, 1997

    Like most Colorado jazz musicians with a taste for experimental sounds, multi-instrumentalist Geoff Cleveland puts food in his belly by playing... More >>

  • The Mambo King

    published June 19, 1997

    Throughout his remarkable career, Tito Puente--the Magnificent Timbalero who at age 74 is the undisputed king of Latin music--has made music shot... More >>

  • Playlist

    published May 29, 1997

    The Holmes Brothers Promised Land (Rounder) Most of the CD stores that stock material by the New York-based Brothers Holmes--and... More >>

  • No Regular Guy

    published May 15, 1997

    When asked why he plays the music he does, blues singer-songwriter Guy Davis quotes a line borrowed from Son House: "The blues chose me." When he... More >>

  • Playlist

    published May 1, 1997

    The Offspring Ixnay on the Hombre (Columbia) Despite the presence of Jello Biafra on "Disclaimer," a bit o' hucksterism plopped... More >>

  • Playlist

    published April 24, 1997

    Johnny Dowd Wrong Side of Memphis When I began reviewing albums, I instituted a simple rule for myself: I must listen to at least three... More >>

  • Go East, Young Men

    published April 17, 1997

    Guitarist/vocalist John Cephas and harmonica expert Phil Wiggins, collectively known as Cephas & Wiggins, play what's alternately called Tidewater... More >>

  • The Profit of Jazz

    published March 20, 1997

    Most musicians are more comfortable talking about music than merchandising--but not Al Ferguson. When discussing Fascinating Rhythm, a group whose... More >>

  • A Legg to Stand On

    published March 13, 1997

    When the readers of Guitar Player magazine named English guitarist Adrian Legg's 1992 album Guitar for Mortals the acoustic record of the year... More >>

  • Playlist

    published February 20, 1997

    Pat Boone No More Mr. Nice Guy (Hip-O) Jimmy Webb Ten Easy Pieces (Guardian) By most measures, rock and... More >>

  • Going to the Wellses'

    published February 20, 1997

    The process of setting up interviews with nationally known musicians generally includes two predictable steps--gaining permission from a record... More >>

  • Man on a Mission

    published January 23, 1997

    New York-based pianist Fred Hersch is a superior soloist as well as an excellent producer, composer, arranger, group leader and sideman. But in... More >>

  • Warburton's Piece

    published January 16, 1997

    One of the reasons bass legend Paul Warburton knows so much about the fabric of his music is that he's actually made music with it. Fabric, that... More >>

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