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  • 23 years ago | News

    In June 1992, three little boys, ages eight, six and four, were taken from their mother, Mrs. M., and handed over to the Jefferson County Department of Social Services. Mrs. M., it was alleged, had allowed all three of her sons to be sexually mole...

  • 24 years ago | News

    Fighting through a wave of protest in 1987, the owners of Deep Rock Water Company demolished two century-old homes in the nationally registered Curtis Park Historic District. So when Deep Rock purchased a three-home piece of land in that same neig...

  • 24 years ago | News

    Three years ago, University of Colorado archivist David Hays set out to create a not-so-stereotypical historical exhibit. But his in-your-face history lesson has been thrown back at him. Hays is the researcher behind a traveling exhibit entitled R...

  • 24 years ago | News

    When Dale Pruce submitted a promotional idea to the Miller Brewing Company five years ago, the Milwaukee brewer's rejection letter ended with the encouraging, "We look forward to hearing from you." It got its wish. This February Pruce fired off an...

  • 24 years ago | News

    This just in: Stapleton International Airport has disappeared. That's the official verdict of the American Automobile Association, and it's perfectly timed for the start of the summer tourist season. The 1994 AAA map of Denver, produced by H.M. Go...

  • 24 years ago | News

    Postal worker Terry O'Neill says he thought he was doing the right thing back in 1989 when the U.S. Justice Department first asked him to provide information about allegations of discriminatory practices against other U.S. Postal Service employees...


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