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  • Just as Jaws made you scared of sharks and Ringu made you fear the phone, The Void is here to forever stoke your paranoia about … triangles. No, not the musical instruments: the actual three-sided shapes, as manifested...

  • 6 months ago | Film and TV

    Even if it were not for the fact that Mean Dreams has become Bill Paxton's penultimate picture, Nathan Morlando's thriller would be worth recommending entirely on its own merits. Start with cinematographer Steve Cosens (The Tracey Fragments), who ...

  • 8 months ago | Film and TV

    Maybe it's a just a sign of the Blumhouse-era horror-movie world we find ourselves in, but there's something refreshing about a scare flick that (a) actually shows you its monster occasionally and (b) gives you a definite reason to be afraid of it...

  • 11 months ago | Film and TV

    It's rare for a franchise, especially in the horror genre, to actually get better as it progresses — doubly so if the final part of said progression is a TV series. Yet in six-part miniseries form, currently airing on the you-didn't-know-you-had-i...

  • Warning: There's a very real danger that after you watch the dazzling 4K restoration of this 1967 Taiwanese martial-arts classic, you'll never again be able to champion scratchy grindhouse prints with cheesy dubs. Popping with Technicolor-ish...

  • 9 years ago | Film and TV

    Flying saucers just aren't that scary anymore. Especially after Ed Wood and Mars Attacks, it's hard to take a threat from a giant Frisbee all that seriously. So what's an update of the iconic 1951 sci-fi flick The Day the Earth Stood Still to do? ...


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