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  • Uh-oh, Wilderness

    published August 22, 1996

    The rising popularity of a spot of natural beauty southwest of the city of Golden has prompted a plan that strikes some Jefferson County residents... More >>

  • Educating Karen

    published August 15, 1996

    It is undisputed that Karen Ann Shain's boss used to measure her skirt lengths against those of other women in the office. He admits that he... More >>

  • Give Until It Hurts

    published August 1, 1996

    The timing of Colorado Attorney General Gale Norton's sudden intervention into the Lloyd's of London securities case last week wasn't half as odd... More >>

  • Shooting for the Moon

    published July 25, 1996

    The husband of Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell's top aide, Ginnie Kontnik, lobbied Campbell's office for a reported $10 million appropriation... More >>

  • The Education of Craig Livingstone

    published July 11, 1996

    While members of Congress and the media investigate just how hundreds of FBI files on individuals not currently working at the White House ended... More >>

  • Down in the Dump

    published July 4, 1996

    In 1988 Irma Zimmerman stood on the back porch of her lime-green house in Overland Park and faced a tornado. "We watched it come right up Asbury,"... More >>

  • An Affair to Remember

    published June 6, 1996

    The sexual-harassment suit against US West that arose out of former US West employee Robert Harlan's murder trial has taken a bizarre turn in U.S.... More >>

  • The Senator's Son Was Indiscreet

    published May 30, 1996

    Senator Hank Brown's selection of Greeley attorney Walker Miller to fill a federal judgeship in Denver won't surprise those who know that the... More >>

  • Lien on Me

    published May 23, 1996

    A new lending institution, which some suspect is nothing but a novel way to lure personal-injury clients to hungry attorneys, has several local... More >>

  • The Tempset

    published May 16, 1996

    Prologue: It all started when a group of women in the Denver city treasurer's office began going out to lunch together. In the end, all that was... More >>

  • Don't Knock If You Haven't Tried It

    published May 2, 1996

    Mickey Fantauzzi was on the phone with her mother last September when she heard someone knock quietly on her front door in Capitol Hill's 26-unit... More >>

  • Adopting an Attitude

    published April 25, 1996

    Every time Joley Cole hears one of her neighbors say "Joley did it the easy way--she adopted," she wants to spit. Four years ago the Denver woman... More >>

  • Shelling Out

    published April 25, 1996

    Tom Strickland has been shrugging off his connection with the law firm Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Strickland ever since he announced his... More >>

  • Ire of Newt

    published March 28, 1996

    As allegations of ethical misconduct by House Speaker Newt Gingrich continue to mount, prominent Colorado Republicans once again find themselves... More >>

  • Trials and Tribulations

    published March 14, 1996

    It takes three Denver police cars and four officers to evict the spindly, aging man from his burrow in the old county courthouse at Speer... More >>

  • Guardian Anger

    published February 29, 1996

    The Colorado Supreme Court has finally laid down the law for attorneys representing children on behalf of the state. Chief Justice Anthony Vollack... More >>

  • Prize and Prejudice

    published February 22, 1996

    Amid the current national backlash against affirmative-action programs, Colorado is taking what could be the first step toward instituting a state... More >>


    published February 14, 1996

    As soon as Bette Handon gets foster children in her home, she starts teaching them what she calls survival skills--no matter how young they are.... More >>


    published February 14, 1996

    In any discussion of Colorado's child-welfare system, getting even the most basic information about children in state care is nearly impossible.... More >>


    published February 14, 1996

    Don't listen to what I say. Watch what I do," Joe Rogers said last November when he announced his candidacy for the retiring Pat Schroeder's... More >>


    published January 17, 1996

    After fifteen years of evaluating child sexual abuse for Denver's C. Henry Kempe National Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse... More >>


    published January 10, 1996

    Wellington Webb made a well-timed promise to people living in West Washington Park last May. Just days before the mayoral runoff election in June,... More >>


    published January 3, 1996

    As Megan Jones waited to be prepped for her double mastectomy, three people stood by her. On her left was Warren, her husband of ten years. On her... More >>

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