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  • Purple Haze

    published December 20, 2007

    As I walked into Santa Fe Tequila Company, I felt a little like Alice falling down the rabbit hole into a magical place. Sadly, I saw no... More >>

  • Carmel Road Pinot Noir

    published December 13, 2007

    There are people who love the entire holiday shopping experience, who are excited at the prospect of going to a hectic shopping mall with other... More >>

  • Mad Motherfucker

    published November 29, 2007

    There are certain spots that I just don't think of as places to eat. The Rio, for example. Although I know a lot of people who for some reason... More >>

  • Zengo

    published November 22, 2007

    Most bars are so five minutes ago. While I love trying the trendy/beautiful-people spots, my attention span is shorter than the dresses on... More >>

  • My Brother’s Bar

    published November 15, 2007

    When I lived in Manhattan, my office was next to one of the city's oldest bars: P.J. Clarke's. As a relatively new legal drinker, I was... More >>

  • Alpenhorn

    published November 8, 2007

    I planned a girls' weekend up in Beaver Creek when I doubted the Rockies would even make the playoffs, let alone the World Series. So the last... More >>

  • Black Cherry

    published November 1, 2007

    As a closet Real World junkie, I was excited to visit Theorie. I'd watched The Real World: Denver and was dying to see... More >>

  • Riki-Sha Martini

    published October 25, 2007

    Sushi Den is one of a handful of restaurants in Denver that never disappoint. I've never had a bad waiter, meal or evening there. And I guess... More >>

  • The Shizzle

    published October 18, 2007

    What would Britney do? At one time, she was the biggest pop star on the planet; now her name is just another term for vagina (when used in a... More >>

  • Lancer Lounge

    published October 11, 2007

    Before Colorado's no-smoking law took effect, I would venture into one of Denver's classic dive bars knowing full well that after a few hours... More >>

  • Charlie’s Chocolate Cake

    published October 4, 2007

    Sometimes I ask questions that I already know the answer to — just to make sure the world is spinning correctly on its axis. Why do birds... More >>

  • La Rumba Martini

    published September 20, 2007

    There are a few things that I know for sure, and one is that I'm not hip. When I was younger, I thought I was, and/or tried to be, but now I know... More >>

  • Fish Out of Water

    published September 13, 2007

    I'm a sucker for fish, which I like watching (tank), catching (fly) and eating (raw). But I don't eat what I catch, nor do I enjoy seeing fish... More >>

  • Savoir-Faire

    published September 6, 2007

    Ooh la la! When I first moved back to Denver from New York, I spent a lot of time at Bistro Adde Brewster's, the Cherry Creek hot spot run by Adde... More >>

  • Peach Mojito

    published August 30, 2007

    As I walked toward Sengers on the Fax, a homeless person who'd strategically placed himself near the entrance asked if I could "help out." After... More >>

  • Especial Margarita

    published August 16, 2007

    I hate working out, and I hate people who say how much they love working out. To me, working out is a necessary evil — like taxes, dating... More >>

  • Frozen Strawberry Margarita

    published August 9, 2007

    While many people remember their first kiss, I remember the first bar where I ever ordered a beer. Back when I was far too young to drink —... More >>

  • October Surprise

    published August 2, 2007

    Every time I walk into Sputnik, I'm reminded of one of my favorite jokes. "Hey, have you heard that joke about hipsters?" "No, what is... More >>

  • Oceanaire Martini

    published July 26, 2007

    I would have liked living in the 1930s. Big bands headed by Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Count... More >>

  • Tequila Pocket Shot

    published July 12, 2007

    Take your best shot. A couple of Saturdays ago, a friend and I headed to the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Bennett, site of the Independence... More >>

  • Colorado Bulldog

    published July 5, 2007

    Fear of flying. There are a few places in town I've always wanted to try, but they don't seem like the kind of spot a woman should visit alone.... More >>

  • Grapefruit Margarita

    published June 28, 2007

    Wasted youth. When I first walked into Centro, the reconcepting of Cafe Rhumba by Dave Query (who also owns Lola, Jax, West End Tavern and Zolo),... More >>

  • Horny Purple People Eater Margarita

    published June 21, 2007

    A change will do you good — and the changes taking place in Denver are amazing. Fifteen years ago, La Fiesta tried to expand from its... More >>

  • Bloody Mary

    published June 14, 2007

    I'll trade you the T206 Honus Wagner for a crazy waiter. My friends and I trade bad waiter and waitress stories like baseball cards, and though I... More >>

  • Michelada

    published May 31, 2007

    Run, Forrest, run! The only time I run is when someone is chasing me (if then), and perhaps because of my unwillingness to run, I'm fascinated by... More >>

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