• @VelezRNath
    17 November, 2017

    "Hey, man. We're gonna get on this ship and get outta here. Wanna come?"

  • @VelezRNath
    15 November, 2017

    Excuse you, Glee. I need some joy in my life, and a fight between Kurt and Blaine is the exact opposite of that.

  • @VelezRNath
    13 November, 2017

    "Yeah, I thought it was that other movie too. It's a classic Prestige/Illussionist scenario."

  • @VelezRNath
    2 November, 2017

    @noah_schnapp better get an Emmy for this season.

  • @VelezRNath
    26 October, 2017

    That dark room scene! You got me, Mindhunter.


Nathalia Velez

Nathalia Velez

Nathalia Vélez grew up in Venezuela and now lives in Colorado. She likes to write about art, culture and creative people.

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