• @VelezRNath
    20 April, 2018

    Ye-Eun deleting her ex's number and photos and all her friends cheering and throwing confetti each time is the best…

  • @VelezRNath
    18 April, 2018

    YAAAS Jin-Myung! Finally! #hellomytwenties

  • @VelezRNath
    16 April, 2018

    Did I just spontaneously outline my thesis? Maybe. Is it about @netflix? Naturally.

  • @VelezRNath
    1 April, 2018

    @netflix, I love you, but it was really unnecessary to translate "La Casa de Papel" into the much inferior "Money Heist."

  • @VelezRNath
    23 March, 2018

    Excuse you, @netflix. Of course I am.


Nathalia Velez

Nathalia Velez

Nathalia Vélez grew up in Venezuela and now lives in Colorado. She likes to write about art, culture and creative people.

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