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  • Ibis Giant

    published December 12, 2013

    As an MC, Ibis Giant is quite good. His subject matter is original and, for that reason, usually interesting, and his flow is old-school rugged... More >>

  • Prime Element

    published November 14, 2013

    On Welcome to the Future, Prime Element is a finely tuned old-school hip-hop machine, equal parts lyricism, musicality and swaggering... More >>

  • Noah Hubbell

    The West Coast was wild, but H*Wood sees his future in Colorado

    published October 31, 2013

    No matter what you do in life," declares Brandon Bordeaux, better known musically as H*Wood, "you're going to trip, you're going to fall,... More >>

  • Potcheen

    published September 12, 2013

    How do you classify Potcheen's Take No Prisoners? One minute it's Irish punk, the next it's ska, then bluegrass and so on. It's an... More >>

  • Mane Rok, Ichiban, InkLine

    published September 12, 2013

    The Gem in I is a short concept project from Mane Rok, InkLine and Ichiban, dedicated to the zodiac sign under which they were all born.... More >>

  • PIKE & Mumblebee

    published August 29, 2013

    PIKE, a local rapper, and Mumblebee, a Bay Area producer, describe their new five-track project as "an acid trip on a space shuttle." Future... More >>

  • BurntMD

    published August 15, 2013

    With The Green Invasion, BurntMD proves that he has most of the tangible tools needed to be a prime-time rapper: a distinctive, gritty... More >>

  • WAHHH (We Are Hip-Hop Humans!!)

    published August 8, 2013

    The Ill, The Wicked + The Wack, the new mixtape from musical oddballs WAHHH (We Are Hip-Hop Humans!!), is occasionally ill, rarely... More >>

  • Molina Speaks

    published August 1, 2013

    Is Molina Speaks the greatest rapper never heard? Perhaps. Without a doubt, he deserves to be heard, and he's certainly one of the... More >>

  • Noah Hubbell

    Yonnas Abraham talks ghetto goth and new BLKHRTS music

    published July 25, 2013

    I don't have to all of a sudden now become fucking Marilyn Manson if I'm gonna define it as goth," says Yonnas Abraham of the music his band... More >>

  • Logistixx

    published July 25, 2013

    Logistixx is a technically sound rapper. With his ability to rhyme and ride the beat, he complements the music like a lead instrument would; on... More >>

  • (G)nosis

    published July 11, 2013

    Rapper (G)nosis's new album, The Midnight Drifter LP, is conscious but not preachy, deep but not overwrought, forward-thinking but not... More >>

  • Sole

    published June 27, 2013

    The mass proliferation of Sole continues with No Wishing Up No Settling Down. "I'm substance over style," the MC declares, "but style's... More >>

  • Thomas Tha Franchise

    published June 13, 2013

    "Let me tell you what it feels like," begins Thomas Tha Franchise's Caffeine Dreams, a reference to Hoodie Allen, a clear influence to... More >>

  • Benjamin Banks

    published May 30, 2013

    On the Dizzo Drizz Dotta EP, Benjamin Banks deserves credit not only for his selection of musical ingredients, which are as... More >>

  • MDZ

    published May 30, 2013

    On Million Dollar Mixtape, MDZ affects a king-from-the-gutter persona. In rap and beyond, it's a classic, always viable story. The... More >>

  • Pusha T

    published May 9, 2013

    Pusha T and his brother No Malice rose to prominence as Clipse with the single "Grindin'," which sported a minimal Neptunes beat of simple... More >>

  • Mobb Deep

    published May 9, 2013

    Mobb Deep has had an illustrious career that's spanned seven albums and more than a decade, but, really, this pair will forever be remembered... More >>

  • Noah Hubbell

    Stay Tuned

    published May 9, 2013

    Any song that manages to tell a story is impressive, but when a story is carried through an entire project, when the words are dedicated to a... More >>

  • Fade

    published April 18, 2013

    Fade's Audio Racketeering has some unique personality traits, taking cues from both Dirty South pimpology and modern dance pop — a... More >>

  • Turner Jackson

    published April 11, 2013

    The ABCs are the building blocks of the English language, but Turner Jackson's ABC pays homage to the building blocks of his versatile,... More >>

  • SpaceGhostPurrp

    published April 4, 2013

    Once good friends with the A$AP crew, SpaceGhostPurrp is frequently credited with engineering the moody, atmospheric aesthetic that the group... More >>

  • Ab-Soul

    published April 4, 2013

    "This ain't hookah. You hit this shit a few times, you might see the future," Ab-Soul says of DMT in "Pineal Gland," his dark, mystic ode to... More >>

  • F@YWT$

    published March 21, 2013

    F@YWT$ (Fuck All Y'all. We the Shit) — what a name. The handle is strange enough to be different, bold enough to be controversial, and... More >>

  • Ras Kass

    published February 28, 2013

    What can you say about Ras Kass? You either love him or hate him — or you have no idea who he is. His debut, Soul on Ice, is a... More >>

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