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  • tumtums

    published December 13, 2012

    A collaborative project from beatsmiths Snubluck and amor, est, tumtums is self-described as "a psilocybin soliloquy of wonder born in the... More >>

  • For Man Mantis, the name is both a mask and a muse

    published December 6, 2012

    Although he left Denver as a mere mortal eight years ago, Mitch Pond returned with a human-insect-hybrid alter ego that produces futuristic,... More >>

  • Mega Gem

    published November 29, 2012

    Mega Gem's debut album credits more than twenty performers, who contributed a variety of sounds, from saxophone and cellphone to hand bells and... More >>

  • Benny Loco

    published November 29, 2012

    Demonstrating considerable growth since releasing his previous pair of EPs, Benny Loco covers a surprising stylistic and emotional range on... More >>

  • Bro Safari

    published November 22, 2012

    When Diplo's Mad Decent spin-off label Jeffree's dropped the Bro Safari single "Da Worm" last year, it brightened the spotlight already shining... More >>

  • déCollage

    published November 22, 2012

    The debut album from Reed Fuchs (déCollage) is a ten-track collection of psychedelic, surrealist pop that oscillates between the melting... More >>

  • Nas and Lauryn Hill

    published November 15, 2012

    Nas and Lauryn Hill on tour together has to be the hip-hop equivalent of the sentiment expressed by the first person to ever combine chocolate... More >>

  • Danny Brown

    published October 11, 2012

    One of hip-hop's most distinctive (read: shrill) voices, Danny Brown ascended to the upper echelon of indie hip-hop following the success of... More >>

  • Lecrae

    published September 27, 2012

    Holy hip-hop star Lecrae resides in Atlanta now, but the MC spent his early teens in Denver, so this is still a hometown show. The Dove Award... More >>

  • Killer Mike

    published September 20, 2012

    First known to hip-hop audiences outside of Georgia thanks to attention-grabbing cameos on OutKast records, Killer Mike has been a steady... More >>

  • Deltron 3030

    published September 13, 2012

    The self-titled, sci-fi-infused concept album born of the collaboration of Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator and Kid Koala way back... More >>

  • Paradox & DJ Sean P

    published September 6, 2012

    On "Here Lies," a track from Paradox and Sean P's latest, Mending, the beats are impressive — DJ Premier-esque, sample-driven boom... More >>

  • Holy Underground and Dirty//Clean want to grow Denver's electronic-music scene

    published August 30, 2012

    It's no secret that Denver's electronic-music scene has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. But while some of the world's best... More >>

  • Rhyme Progression

    published August 23, 2012

    "Fuck your money/Fuck your paycheck/I made negative dollars and still managed to stay fresh," spits Rhyme Progression over a dusty-soul loop... More >>

  • Default Champion

    published June 7, 2012

    Default Champion's new EP is a contemplative post-rock soundtrack for wide open spaces. The tightly arranged album opens with "Egg," an... More >>

  • ManCub's Alex Anderson goes the DIY route on a new EP

    published May 17, 2012

    ManCub's noisy, distortion-washed dance punk seems like it could have been born of some combination of wide-eyed innocence and reckless... More >>

  • Benny Loco

    published April 26, 2012

    Benny Loco's latest effort is a standout in the crowded field of contemporary electronic music. The six-track EP features the title track... More >>

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