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  • 8 years ago | Lists

    This year was such a good one for heavy music, we wound up having to cheat when putting this list together. We just couldn't settle on ten albums that kicked our ass the hardest in 2009; there were dozens of candidates. The best we could do was fo...

  • 9 years ago | Music News

    Since the dawn of the '80s, Scott "Wino" Weinrich has sung and played guitar in a string of revered bands, including Saint Vitus, the Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls and the Hidden Hand. In all that time, though, he's never put out a sol...

  • 9 years ago | Profiles

    In this week's issue, we ran a short profile on Wino by Phil Freeman culled from his recent conversation with Scott "Wino" Weinrich, a singer/guitarist who's split his time with a slew of revered metal and hard rock acts such as Saint Vitus, the O...

  • 9 years ago | Music News

    Though the band seemed to rocket out of nowhere with its 2007 debut, Both Before I'm Gone, San Antonio trio Girl in a Coma has been plugging away for nine years — since then-thirteen-year-old Nina Diaz played one of her songs for her older s...

  • 9 years ago | Music News

    Twenty years is a long time to do anything, but that's how long Terrance Hobbs has been playing guitar for New York-based death-metal legends Suffocation — well, aside from a five-year group hiatus between 1999 and 2004. Suffocation is about...

  • 9 years ago | Music News

    SuidAkrA has combined Irish folk music and melodic death metal for nearly fifteen years now. The act's ninth album, Crógacht, delivers the same trademark sound heard on its predecessors: a swirling blend of keening bagpipes and thunderous d...


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