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  • DJ Ktone on the difference between just playing records and breaking them

    DJ Ktone on the difference between just playing records and breaking them

    published Jul 15, 2010

    Navigating the turgid, contentious waters of hip-hop in Colorado as a DJ isn't easy. Discussions involving radio play and "breaking records" plague conversations daily. Whether real or perceived, ther... More >>

  • Listening party: Rockie's Barcode 2 mixtape

    published Jul 07, 2010

    Turf boss DJ KTone and young star Rockie recently dropped Barcode 2, the much anticipated follow up to the first Barcode installment. A mixtape designed to show the versatility and growth in Rockies f... More >>

  • Graffiti Black on his muses, inspiration and the four categories of Colorado hip-hop

    published Jul 02, 2010

    Hailing from Montbello, Graffiti Black is a 23-year-old producer, writer and graphic designer known for creating sharp and distinct sounds that are both vibrant and accessible. He flips familiar eleme... More >>

  • Mile High Madness: A celebration of hip-hop in the Mile High City

    published May 17, 2010

    The Mile High Madness DVD release party proved that Hip Hop is not only alive and well in the Mile High City, but thriving. Presented by Big Joe Thunder and Box State Music, the DVD is Thunder's ten... More >>

  • Adam O.N.E.

    published May 6, 2010

    Adam O.N.E. Duncan, formerly of the Infinite Mindz collective, has launched his solo career with The CA, a stylistic undertaking with... More >>

  • DMC Denver 2010 Regional: DJ Notch tops the competition

    published May 03, 2010

    DMC Regional Turntable Battle 05.01.10 | The Walnut Room How do you know there's been a four year gap since the last Disco Mixing Club (DMC) battle? When the valiant effort of a kid from Highlands ... More >>

  • Q&A with Boonie Mayfield

    Q&A with Boonie Mayfield

    published Mar 09, 2010

    His stage surname is a nod to Curtis Mayfield, a pioneer of funk and architect of politically conscious African American music. Drawing inspiration from the same tones of rhythm and history, Boonie ... More >>

  • Over the weekend: Put Yo Money Where Ya Mouth Is Finals

    published Feb 22, 2010

    Put Yo' Money Where Ya' Mouth Is battle Finals Saturday, February 20, 2010 The Walnut Room A.V.I.U.S. from 3 the Hardway and some other cats getting their cipher on on the back patio before the fina... More >>

  • Last night: Put Yo Money Where Ya Mouth Is preliminary

    published Feb 18, 2010

    The art of freestyle can be ugly and difficult for even the most seasoned rappers. A necessary evil for street cred, if not lyrical exercise, it's the easiest way to separate the the Pros from the Jo... More >>

  • Q&A: Meet Bianca Mikahn of Paradox

    published Feb 04, 2010

    Which came first, the poet or the MC? Broaching the philosophical debate implies the two are not one in the same. History shows us otherwise, whether the funky notes of blues rattled off the tongue of... More >>

  • Naeem Oba and BrikAbrak

    published February 4, 2010

    Everything ain't for everybody — and Naeem Oba and brikAbrak's You Are Not One of Us bolsters this notion. Brazen and... More >>

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