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  • 20 years ago | Music News

    At one point or another during the first half of the Nineties, virtually every minor band that had a lightweight MTV hit ten years earlier reunited--and for the most part, I didn't care. Book of Love, Suicidal Tendencies: Sure, I liked them, but i...

  • 21 years ago | Music News

    Okay, let's get this out of the way right from the start. For years, I've had a crush on Keanu Reeves. My infatuation hasn't blinded me to Reeves's limitations: I didn't come out of the 1994 film Little Buddha, in which Keanu portrayed Prince Sidd...

  • 21 years ago | Music News

    At this writing, Rocket, the debut album by Primitive Radio Gods, is no longer among the 200 best-selling albums in the United States according to Billboard magazine. Nor does the publication list the hit tune "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Boot...

  • 21 years ago | Music News

    "Thatcher's gone," notes singer-songwriter Billy Bragg. "Reagan's gone. Some people have wondered if that's why I disappeared off as well." Indeed, Bragg, an England-based performer as well-known for his left-wing views as for his tunes, has maint...

  • 21 years ago | Music News

    Keeping track of who plays what in the Minders is comparable to following the trysts in a typical episode of Melrose Place. In other words, everyone plays everything. The music made by this Denver-based band results from instrument-swapping and id...

  • 22 years ago | Music News

    Radiohead's last Denver date--October 4, 1995, at the Ogden Theatre, opening for Soul Asylum--was a show no one in the band will soon forget. Shortly after the arrival in town of the musicians (lead vocalist/guitarist Thom E. Yorke, background voc...


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