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  • Hudson Holiday: The lights fantastic

    published Dec 30, 2010

    Everyone has their own way of celebrating the New Year: Some prefer to sit by the fire, play board games and watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV, while others crash into it drunk as loons, with... More >>

  • And a very merry Kloewer Christmas to all!

    published Dec 30, 2010

    I've been making the pilgrimage every Christmastime to the Kloewer family home on Elati Street, just north of Belleview, for at least the last eleven years, and this is why: Being Jewish and all, it d... More >>

  • Street Art: Don't Stop Love

    published Dec 30, 2010

    This doctored stop sign is remarkable partly in that it's persevered, untouched, for quite a long time -- most suitably, in a neighborhood where people of every faith and stripe live side by side: Af... More >>

  • Dana Cain's Art Collection: Brandon Borchert and Kym Bloom

    published Dec 29, 2010

    Dana Cain is the lady with her thumb in a million pies: The local maestra of event-planning throws several well-attended collectors expos, art shows, parties, chocolate fests each year. Her latest -- ... More >>

  • Mood Swings

    published December 30, 2010

    Broadway yields many surprises, and one of the biggest in recent years was Next to Normal, a musical about a bipolar woman and the... More >>

  • Gray's Anatomy, Part Two

    published December 30, 2010

    When an auteur as gifted as Steven Soderbergh takes on the story of an equally gifted performance artist, some kind of magic is almost inevitable,... More >>

  • Let There be Lights

    published December 30, 2010

    Lonnie Hanzon, Wizard in Residence at the Museum of Outdoor Arts, is making magic again at Hudson Holiday, the annual festival that MOA... More >>

  • My dinner with Steven: A convivium and preview night at Illiterate Gallery

    published Dec 22, 2010

    Quietly, very quietly, over the last year since the venue opened, Illiterate Gallery director Adam Gildar instigated a resident artist program, wherein Illiterate offers artists who go through an app... More >>

  • Big Country

    published December 23, 2010

    Born in Sweden, the transitional early-twentieth-century painter Birger Sandzén came to the United States expecting to be here only a few... More >>

  • Happy Horror Days

    published December 23, 2010

    “There’s no better programming for the holidays than a little Japanese ghost story,” says Denver FilmCenter programmer Keith... More >>

  • Tonight: Blast off for parts unknown at PlatteForum's Jump Suits exhibit

    published Dec 16, 2010

    Artist Teddy O'Connor goes both ways: He works in three dimensions, creating mixed media assemblage works, but for the last couple of years, he's also been hard at work making comic books infused wit... More >>

  • Style Local: Brandi Shigley, Fashion Denver

    published Dec 16, 2010

    Denver fashion maven Brandi Shigley is all bounce and determination; even when she cries (yes, even the most cheerful people lose it once in awhile amid the trials of entrepreneurship: After vandals b... More >>

  • Blowing Off Streampunk

    published December 16, 2010

    The members of the saucy, all-female acoustic trio Gristle Gals usually refer to their music — a blending of gypsy jazz, Americana and rock... More >>

  • And A Partridge In A Pear Tree...

    published December 16, 2010

    If you follow Talking Shop on Westword’s Show and Tell blog, you already know about the 24 Days of Christmas at Talulah Jones, the... More >>

  • Superhero Dreams

    published December 16, 2010

    When Jump Suits: An Outis Space Venture opens tonight at PlatteForum, the inner superheroic fantasies of a group of Colfax Community... More >>

  • Over the Weekend: Fashion Denver's Vixen holiday market

    published Dec 14, 2010

    You haven't really experienced the holidays until you've seen the historic and elegant Grant-Humphreys mansion on Quality Hill in seasonal dress, with poinsettias lining the grand staircase and light ... More >>

  • This Weekend: Mona Lucero's "Felliniesque" fashion show channels the gorgeous surreal

    published Dec 10, 2010

    When I think of Fellini's film Juliet of the Spirits, I think of beautiful women in big hats on the beach -- the gorgeous surreal. When local designer Mona Lucero chose "Felliniesque" as the theme f... More >>

  • Light up at the 13 Lumens Candle Art Show

    published Dec 10, 2010

    Eric Matelski is all about making art accessible to others, especially work by local and emerging artists, and the 13 Lumens Candle Art Show, which opens tonight with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. at t... More >>

  • Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade: Where do you go when it's done and gone? Here's where!

    published Dec 09, 2010

    I think most people who attended last weekend's Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade Craft Fair -- and there were a lot of them: we've heard estimates of 1,500 or more -- left with a good feeling about the l... More >>

  • Over the Weekend: Illiterate Gallery artists map Denver, indie-style, on First Friday

    Over the Weekend: Illiterate Gallery artists map Denver, indie-style, on First Friday

    published Dec 07, 2010

    What do artists think about the city they live in, wherever that might be, and what does it mean to them? At Illiterate Gallery, a new show, Mile High on the Map, cast a few clues on the Denver point ... More >>

  • Soul Haus, Peppermint and Pandora: Three more great places to shop while you're at it

    published Dec 06, 2010

    Where else can you get great local goods this holiday season? A good place to start would be a hop, skip and a jump away from Talulah Jones at the EZE Mop block on the 1200 block of East 17th Avenue, ... More >>

  • First Friday: Shine a light

    published Dec 03, 2010

    Small works, affordable art, crafty items, the unexpected: Tonight's First Friday Artwalk will no doubt feature plenty of them all, regardless of whichever urban quarter you land in. And that's a good... More >>

  • The Talulah Jones 24 Days of Christmas: Day One

    published Dec 01, 2010

    We're all hearing a lot of talk this holiday season about shopping local and what it means to a community. But Talulah Jones shop owner Robin Lohre is doing more than that: Beginning today at 5 p.m. w... More >>

  • World AIDS Day: Here and now

    World AIDS Day: Here and now

    published Dec 01, 2010

    Even if you miss out on a Mondo t-shirt for amfAR, there are still ways to observe World AIDS Day locally. Here's how to help let the world know that HIV/AIDS isn't over, because yeah, it's not: ... More >>

  • Mondo Guerra's limited edition t-shirts for Piper Lime speak out on World AIDS Day

    published Dec 01, 2010

    At the Denver Public Library's November Frock Out designer showcase, guest judge (and beloved local Project Runway runnerup) Mondo Guerra let a few cats out of the bag: He's staying in Denver because... More >>

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