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2001 Stories by T.R. Witcher

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  • That Lived-in Look

    published October 25, 2001

    Last April, Melissa Smith paid $300,000 for a condo in Denver's booming Uptown neighborhood. She wishes she hadn't. The garage of the... More >>

  • Gas Pains

    published October 4, 2001

    Amy Potter's balcony offers a commanding view of Battlement Mesa, a Western Slope community named for the imposing geological formation. Most of... More >>

  • Bringing on the Heat

    published October 4, 2001

    Last winter, the United States experienced the highest natural-gas price surge in its history, an increase of some 400 percent on the wholesale... More >>

  • Nobody Does It Better

    published September 6, 2001

    As artists go, film composers are often chumps. They rarely pursue their own vision; instead, they're following some director's agenda, trying to... More >>

  • The Village People

    published August 30, 2001

    Earlier this month, city planners, neighborhood activists and assorted bureaucrats gathered around three tables in a community meeting room. At... More >>

  • Watch What Develops

    published August 30, 2001

    East Village isn't the only turf war on downtown's northeastern edge. The largest empty parcel of land in the neighborhood sits at the corner of... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published August 16, 2001

    Last week, President George W. Bush fired off the latest shot in an eleven-year-long court battle that could determine the scope of federal... More >>

  • Micro Screen Scene

    published August 9, 2001

    Art houses are out. Micro cinemas are in. These small, super-independent venues for showing underground films from across the country and around... More >>

  • The Voyage Out

    published August 2, 2001

    The life of a jazz singer can be rough. First you're in London, in early July, opening for George Benson at the historic Royal Albert Hall. Then... More >>

  • Derailing Affirmative Action

    published July 26, 2001

    Shortly before nine in the evening, with just a trace of light left in the sky, several Adarand Constructors trucks stand in the left lane of... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published July 5, 2001

    Five weeks ago, attorney Jerry Stevens was up to his neck in a six-month battle with the Colorado Supreme Court over required continuing legal... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published July 5, 2001

    Father Carl Kabat, the 67-year-old Catholic priest and longtime protestor of nuclear weapons, is scheduled to be sentenced on July 12 for his... More >>

  • Strange, Indeed

    published July 5, 2001

    What the hell is Incredibly Strange Wrestling, you ask? "It's a fusion of a rock show with a really wayward, gone-totally-wrong sporting... More >>

  • A Real Page-Turner

    published June 21, 2001

    With books and videotapes overflowing from shelves in his small Uptown office, the pursuit of education is one of Jerry Stevens's defining... More >>

  • After the Fall

    published May 31, 2001

    "I feel that the state of Colorado is trying to ban hip-hop, for obvious reasons," began Mix Master Mike Brown, resting his large hands on the... More >>

  • God Is in the Details

    published May 31, 2001

    In the New Testament, Saul of Tarsus journeyed to Damascus to persecute Christians. On his way, he was blinded by the image of a risen Christ and... More >>

  • Mobile Savages

    published April 26, 2001

    Back in 1946, when Duncan Clark built his Trailer Haven Mobile Home Park, East Colfax Avenue could be a pretty lonely place. Fitzsimons Army... More >>

  • Critic's Choice

    published April 26, 2001

    Ahhhhh, bossa nova. It's back, you know, although -- like the best art -- it never really went away. Created in Brazil in the 1950s, bossa nova's... More >>

  • Collision Course

    published April 19, 2001

    Denise Dixon was dreaming. In her dream, she woke up from a deep sleep, cold and sweating at the same time, and looked around to find her bedroom... More >>

  • Surprise Ending

    published April 19, 2001

    Last November, after the board of directors for the Eulipions theater group sold the historic El Jebel Shrine Temple for $3.9 million, board... More >>

  • And You Don't Stop

    published April 5, 2001

    Jeff Campbell begins his class at George Washington High School by grabbing a dictionary -- a big red Webster's. He looks up the word "respect,"... More >>

  • The Next Test

    published March 8, 2001

    Monday: Samierah Moran, vice president of her junior class at Manual High School, is smart, talented -- and bored. She gets good grades,... More >>

  • Brick by Brick

    published March 1, 2001

    The handsome Rossonian Hotel sits empty at the center of Five Points, a symbol of the neighborhood's long-ago heyday and its ongoing struggle to... More >>

  • The Cat Came Back

    published February 15, 2001

    In jazz, your sound is everything. It's your identity, your symbol of maturity. It defines your artistry. There's no quicker put-down than "he... More >>

  • A Fraying Yarn

    published February 8, 2001

    Every February, Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji invites a well-known quilter to give a lecture in Denver. This year, the group (whose name means "people... More >>

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