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  • Meet Jonny Woodrose & the Broken-Hearted Woodpeckers, outlaws with convictions

    published November 5, 2009

    Jonny Woodrose & the Broken-Hearted Woodpeckers started out as a solo for writer Jonson Kuhn. His lively, wiseacre perspective on relationships... More >>

  • No High Fives to Bullshit/Snuggle

    published November 5, 2009

    Snuggle puts in two tracks of snarly, refreshingly unpolished, melodic punk with the archly defiant "Commercial" and the edgy and almost spooky... More >>

  • Skinny Puppy

    published November 5, 2009

    Skinny Puppy started in 1982 as a side project of cEvin Key's old band, Images in Vogue. With Puppy becoming a full-time concern in 1986, Key... More >>

  • Headlights

    published November 5, 2009

    When the critically acclaimed dream-pop band Absinthe Blind broke up in 2003, four of its members started a band called Orphans that would... More >>

  • Hearts of Palm at the hi-dive

    published November 5, 2009

    When Hearts of Palm started out as Nathan & Stephen — a collaboration between Stephen Till of Black Black Ocean and longtime... More >>

  • Q&A with Jonson Kuhn of Jonny Woodrose & the Broken Hearted Woodpeckers

    published Nov 03, 2009

    ​In the short time Jonny Woodrose & the Broken-Hearted Woodpeckers have been together, the outfit has grown from being a bit of a joke band vehicle for singer Jonson Kuhn's humorous storytelling... More >>

  • Over the weekend: The Siren Project at the Church

    published Nov 02, 2009

    ​The Siren Project Sunday, November 1, 2009 The Church Better Than: The Project has been in a long time. Having a show at the Church is a bit of a losing proposition not because it's not that a coo... More >>

  • Juliet Mission is a master of the sad and dark

    published October 29, 2009

    In the early 1990s, Andre Lucero, Doug Seaman, Tony Morales and Elizabeth Rose formed the popular experimental-rock band Sympathy F. Seaman... More >>

  • Weird Turn Prose

    published October 29, 2009

    A little too experimental to be straight-out country and too countrified and honky-tonk to rightfully be considered alt-country, this latest... More >>

  • White Rabbits

    published October 29, 2009

    Too often, the term "pop" rightfully conjures images of hackneyed premises about love and longing and music too lacking in an individual sound... More >>

  • Steely Dan

    published October 29, 2009

    Steely Dan sounds like the 1970s incarnate — not because its music makes you think of earth tones, discotheques, quaaludes or the Eagles,... More >>

  • Spellcaster's Rock 'n' Roll Time Travel Committee at Rhinoceropolis

    published October 29, 2009

    Less a band than a loose agglomeration of musicians engaging in a performance-art piece, Spellcaster's Rock 'n' Roll Time Travel... More >>

  • Q&A with Adrian Belew

    published Oct 21, 2009

    ​Adrian Belew has lead something of a charmed existence as a musician for the last thirty years, from his first high-profile gig as a guitarist for Frank Zappa in 1979 to his later work with Talking... More >>

  • Seeing Adrian Belew in an intimate space like the Toad Tavern is a special treat, and that's the way he likes it

    published October 22, 2009

    Few, if any, living guitarists can match Adrian Belew's impressive resumé in terms of depth and range of accomplishment over the course... More >>

  • Weed Diamond

    published October 22, 2009

    Mirror Universe isn't a subsidiary of Siltbreeze, but the ultra-lo-fi production on this album's nine tracks makes it sound like it is. From... More >>

  • The Chinese Stars

    published October 22, 2009

    Eric Paul and Craig Kureck both inspired and confounded audiences as members of the influential noise-rock combo Arab on Radar. After that act... More >>

  • Youth Brigade

    published October 22, 2009

    Formed in 1980, Youth Brigade played shows with hardcore bands, but its music didn't focus on speed or brutality. Instead, the Stern brothers... More >>

  • Sole at the hi-dive

    published October 22, 2009

    After launching the anticon. label with Pedestrian in 1998, Sole (due at the hi-dive on Sunday, October 25) has become one of the... More >>

  • Q&A with Ilya Laqutenko of Mumiy Troll

    published Oct 20, 2009

    ​Mumiy Troll from Vladivostok, Russia is one of that country's most popular bands. The act's combination of energetic rock and moodily atmospheric pop, for which lead singer Ilya Lagutenko coined th... More >>

  • Over the weekend: Damon and Naomi at the hi-dive

    published Oct 19, 2009

    ​A Hawk and a Hacksaw, The Hand That Rocks the Dreidel and Damon and Naomi Friday, October 16, 2009hi-dive Better Than: Having to see the out of town bands at a bigger venue. The Hand That Rocks th... More >>

  • Devil Got Five

    published October 15, 2009

    This debut album from Devil Got Five reveals that there's more to the band's songwriting than being couched in the realm of metal. The... More >>

  • LAKE

    published October 15, 2009

    Hailing from Olympia, Washington, LAKE has a refreshingly un-ironic and musically solid take on mixing together indie pop with R&B for a sound... More >>

  • Damon & Naomi

    published October 15, 2009

    Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang first burst onto the international underground rock scene as two-thirds of influential dream-pop band Galaxie... More >>

  • nervesandgel at Rhinoceropolis

    published October 15, 2009

    With a broad sonic brush, Johnny Wohlfahrt creates music that blurs the line between pop and the avant-garde with a rare daring and openness of... More >>

  • Over the weekend: Butthole Surfers at the Ogden

    published Oct 12, 2009

    Butthole Surfers, Psychic Ills, Circle Number DotFriday, October 9, 2009Ogden Theater, DenverBetter Than: The flash freezing going on outside.Circle Number Dot, who opened this show, didn't sound like... More >>

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