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  • Born in Winter

    published July 2, 2009

    Upon first listen to Paper and Roses, Born in Winter's latest, inevitable comparisons to Evanescence and Annette Olzon-era Nightwish are... More >>

  • Other Girls

    published July 2, 2009

    With quirky pop hooks and song dynamics that are just shy of anthemic, Cleveland's Other Girls writes songs with a surprising level of... More >>

  • War Tapes

    published July 2, 2009

    Los Angeles's War Tapes evokes the most insidiously catchy synth-pop bands of the '80s mixed with the darkness of that era's death rock.... More >>

  • Savage Henry at the Gothic

    published July 2, 2009

    Taking its name from a heroin dealer in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Savage Henry has paid its dues for the past several... More >>

  • Otis Taylor

    published June 25, 2009

    Otis Taylor's tenth album (issued locally this Thursday, June 25, at the Toad Tavern, in the company of John-Alex Mason) explores more love and... More >>

  • Here We Go Magic

    published June 25, 2009

    Experimental pop-folk songwriter Luke Temple has released a short string of critically acclaimed albums and even had one of his songs featured... More >>

  • Witch Hunt

    published June 25, 2009

    In an era when genuine political dissent has been considered treason — or, at the very least, seditious — it's entirely appropriate... More >>

  • Gangcharger at the hi-dive

    published June 25, 2009

    After Boulder's melodically atonal Mansfield Ghost broke up, it was entirely possible that the band's unique guitar sound would follow it into... More >>

  • Last Night's Show: The Church with Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody at the Gothic

    published Jun 19, 2009

    The Church w/Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody Thursday, June 18th, 2009 The Gothic Theatre, Englewood Better Than: A show you'd normally expect from a band 29 years into its career. Adam Franklin's ... More >>

  • Q&A with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver

    Q&A with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver

    published Jun 18, 2009

    Adam Franklin is well known for his role as the singer and guitarist in Swervedriver. His work in post-Swervedriver projects such as Toshack Highway, Magnetic Morning and his solo work, however, shows... More >>

  • Q&A with the Church's Marty Wilson-Piper

    published Jun 18, 2009

    Twenty-nine years into its career, the Church recently released Untitled #23, one of its most accomplished works in an already remarkable string of albums over the last decade. We had a chance to have... More >>

  • nervesandgel

    published June 18, 2009

    Nervesandgel's albums are incredibly varied; sometimes they tend toward pop exploration, other times it's an exercise in the avant-garde. It... More >>

  • Cock E.S.P.

    published June 18, 2009

    Deriving its name from a song by Japanese art terrorists Hanatarash, Minneapolis's Cock E.S.P. is one of the premier noise bands in the United... More >>

  • American Relay at 3 Kings Tavern

    published June 18, 2009

    These days, any two-piece, blues-based rock band is compared to the White Stripes instead of the Flat Duo Jets. But American Relay... More >>

  • Westword Music Showcase reviewed: Broadways

    published Jun 15, 2009

    See more photos from Broadways at Havok, 12 p.m. This four-piece band sounded like classic Bay Area thrash, stuff reminiscent of Testament and Exodus with a splash of Anthra... More >>

  • Last night: Leonard Cohen at Red Rocks

    published Jun 05, 2009

    Leonard Cohen Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison Thursday, June 4, 2009 Better Than: Cohen probably was fifteen years ago. Something must have happened to Leonard Cohen these past several years, becaus... More >>

  • Last Night: Animal Collective at the Boulder Theater

    published Jun 03, 2009

    Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 The Boulder Theater, Boulder Better Than: Most shows going through Boulder these days. Brooklyn's Black Dice opened this show in what has lately become their typical fashion... More >>

  • Mayhem

    published June 4, 2009

    Few, if any, bands can claim the level of notoriety enjoyed by Norway's black-metal legends Mayhem. From lurid but true stories of suicide to... More >>

  • Ear PWR

    published June 4, 2009

    Like many electronic acts at the moment, Baltimore's Ear PWR is clearly drawing inspiration from analog synth-pop bands of the '80s as well as... More >>

  • Peru or Germany

    published June 4, 2009

    This experimental pop duo's debut EP begins with the lo-fi indie rock of "Circus." Frayed but controlled guitar riffing and just-off-melodic... More >>

  • Denver Does Denver

    published June 4, 2009

    At Denver Does Denver, some of the most talented and interesting musical projects in town will do an entire cover set of material by another... More >>

  • Leonard Cohen

    published May 28, 2009

    Since the 1967 release of Songs of Leonard Cohen, this widely admired songwriter has become synonymous with the concept of cool like few... More >>

  • Adam Adam

    published May 28, 2009

    It doesn't seem possible that anyone could put a new spin on the Americana thing, but with this latest offering from Adam Adam, that notion can... More >>

  • Fire Drills at Bender's Tavern

    published May 28, 2009

    In an era when we've all been hit over the head once too often with pop punk, a band like the Fire Drills (due at Bender's Tavern... More >>

  • Over the weekend: Iwrestledabearonce at the Marquis Theater

    Over the weekend: Iwrestledabearonce at the Marquis Theater

    published May 26, 2009

    Iwrestledabearonce, Human Abstract and Vanna Friday, May 22, 2009 Marquis Theater Better Than: A full-on emocore show. Human Abstract started the show off with a blend of death metal and proggy screa... More >>

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