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  • Speedwolf

    published April 8, 2010

    This record sounds like the band took an eight-track recorder into a dark Birmingham dungeon and bashed out two songs in a fast, brutal and... More >>

  • Major Lazer

    published April 8, 2010

    Having both worked as producers for M.I.A., Diplo and Switch combined forces under the Major Lazer moniker, a name inspired by a fictional... More >>

  • Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!

    published April 8, 2010

    Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, led by frontman Neil Fridd, performs bedroom lo-fi pop taken to the next level of conception and execution. Signed... More >>

  • The Buckingham Squares at the Larimer Lounge

    published April 8, 2010

    A complete list of the notable bands represented in this lineup would be exhaustive. But when you have Rick Kulwicki and Matt Bischoff of The... More >>

  • Twiztid at the Fillmore lacked a certain demented spirt of mayhem

    published Mar 29, 2010

    Twiztid • Potluck • Kung Fu Vampire 03.26.10 | Fillmore Auditorium Walking to The Fillmore and being accosted with, "Yo, Juggalo, can I use your phone for a minute?" should have been the first... More >>

  • The Swayback

    published March 25, 2010

    "Die Finks" sounds like the Swayback branching out from the core sound it explored so well on 2008's Long Gone Lads. It's a departure... More >>

  • High Places

    published March 25, 2010

    While based in Brooklyn, the duo of Rob Barber and Mary Pearson pioneered a sound and aesthetic that melded experimental electronic music with... More >>

  • tUnE-yArDs

    published March 25, 2010

    Merrill Garbus is a bit of a musical polymath. Her songs could never be called strictly R&B, folk, post-punk, lo-fi pop or jazz. Nor does she... More >>

  • Novasak at Rhinoceropolis

    published March 25, 2010

    What Todd Novosad does is definitely not for everyone. His sound art is completely disconnected from anything resembling conventional... More >>

  • Pentagram at the Marquis: "It's more like Penta-jam"

    published Mar 18, 2010

    Pentagram • Space in Time • Kingdom of Magic 03.17.10 | Marquis Theatre A night of exceptionally interesting hard rock that ended with '70s metal legends Pentagram began with the new-look Space... More >>

  • Q&A with Janet Weiss of Quasi

    Q&A with Janet Weiss of Quasi

    published Mar 16, 2010

    Since 1993, Quasi has released a series of albums underscoring the fact that sad songs don't have to sound like surrender. Instead, as Quasi's material often displays, there can be a feisty defiance... More >>

  • Quasi uses its evocative pop to take aim at the unsavory aspects of American imperialism

    published March 18, 2010

    Seventeen years after it was founded, Quasi is touring in support of its recently released album, American Gong. Not unlike the 2003... More >>

  • Dust on the Breakers

    published March 18, 2010

    Bridging the gap between dream pop, dark Americana and orchestral indie rock, the songs on this EP manage to be eclectic without seeming... More >>

  • Ray Davies

    published March 18, 2010

    Ozzy Osbourne has suggested that Ray Davies invented heavy metal with his signature guitar-riff opening on "You Really Got Me." While that may... More >>

  • Itchy-O at Old Curtis Street

    published March 18, 2010

    Itchy-O (due at Old Curtis Street on Friday, March 19) isn't a band so much as a multimedia art project designed to be an all but... More >>

  • Over the Weekend: The Buckingham Squares at the Mercury Cafe

    published Mar 15, 2010

    The Buckingham Squares • Receiver Voodoo Stingray • The Nuns of Brixton • 03.13.10 | Mercury Cafe Maybe actually wearing nun habits as part of the stage costume is a gimmick, but for The Nun... More >>

  • Leslie & the LY's

    published March 11, 2010

    Had Tracy & the Plastics started out in Ames, Iowa, instead of Olympia, Washington, they might have turned out like Leslie & the LY's. The act... More >>

  • Night Owl at Old Curtis Street

    published March 11, 2010

    When most bands raid the coffers of '60s and '70s music, they go in for the Nuggets thing, or hard rock, or the Beatles or the Velvet... More >>

  • As nervesandgel, Johnny Wohlfahrt mixes the dark with the comically absurd

    published March 11, 2010

    Walt Disney was amazing," says Johnny Wohlfahrt of nervesandgel without a hint of irony. "His whole motto was, 'If I want something done and... More >>

  • A founding member of Skinny Puppy, cEvin Key is still making innovative music

    published March 4, 2010

    cEvin Key is one of the founding members of Skinny Puppy. By mixing the aesthetics of power electronics, noise and early industrial music with... More >>

  • Mustangs & Madras

    published March 4, 2010

    Mustangs & Madras had a rare ability to write introspective songs filled with nuanced emotional colorings and utterly convincing intensity.... More >>

  • The Strange Boys

    published March 4, 2010

    It would be a fool's errand to try to count everyone raiding the coffers of '60s garage-rock psychedelia and shaking down Roky Erickson's... More >>

  • BIRTH!

    published March 4, 2010

    Years ago in Denver, there was a band that probably should have been lumped in with the goth scene but wasn't really having it. Radio Scarlet... More >>

  • 200 Million Years at the Meadowlark

    published March 4, 2010

    Like most atmospheric bands of the last decade and a half, 200 Million Years (due at the Meadowlark on Friday, March 5) definitely... More >>

  • Over the weekend: The Swayback, Dust On the Breakers, Sympathy F, Le Divorce at the Bluebird

    published Mar 01, 2010

    The Swayback • Dust on the Breakers • Sympathy F • Le Divorce 02.26.10 | Bluebird Theater I missed Le Divorce's opening set, unfortunately, but was able to catch a set from the classic line-... More >>

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