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  • 6 years ago | Music News

    Is any band in America more revered or respected than East Los Angeles roots vatos Los Lobos? The core members of this American musical treasure — David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Steve Berlin, Louis Perez and Conrad Lozano — have produced ...

  • 12 years ago | Music News

    Around our house, a new Gourds album is anticipated like a sacred tablet coming down from the mountain -- or, at the very least, a new unearthed episode of Kung Fu. If Quentin Tarantino were to make a movie based on a recording session for the Gou...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    Along with Cooder Graw and Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland and the Stragglers are part of a talented crop of like-minded country-rock bands that popped up like virulent weeds in 1999. Along with the hugely popular Ragweed, Boland used to have...

  • 13 years ago | Music News

    If Reckless Kelly were a transmission, it would be a five-speed. The Austin quintet's latest effort, Wicked Twisted Road, captures its music in all gears, from the quiet, low-gear country folk of the title track to lilting second-gear love-song ba...


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