Best club DJ (2000)

DJ Fury

No one in Denver works as hard -- or is in as much demand -- as Fury, the city's premier jungle DJ. In addition to spinning at several raves each month, DJ Fury maintains two weekly club residencies ("Breakdown" at the Snake Pit on Thursday nights and "The Globe" at Maximillian's on Tuesday nights). When he isn't heading up his own Reload Productions company, Fury also works as a resident DJ for Together Productions and L.A.'s Insomniac Productions, two of the biggest rave production companies in the nation. This year he gained representation by Champion Sound Management out of San Diego, which manages some of the biggest names in the national club scene; since then, the number of Fury's out-of-town bookings has soared. With a DJ mix CD forthcoming on local Terraform Records and several mix tapes in the works, Fury's pace is simply furious.


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