Best disguise of a playground as a concert venue (2000)


Cindy Wonderful of Rainbow Sugar is the namesake behind this elusive new warehouse space on Denver's northwest side -- and she's one of the primary loony luminaries you're likely to see doing time in the kissing booth or smashing up the tiny computer modules that dot the Wonderground stage like orchestra floodlights. A breeding ground for both bizarre and bold works of underground music, Wonderground has hosted performances from local and touring acts that prefer a free-spirit performance environment to clubs and other venues that are likely to frown on, say, bandmembers stripping naked on stage. Like its prankster predecessor, Money Mania, Wonderground has become an asylum for sonic sycophants, burlesquian buskers and others heartset on making a musical mockery of themselves. There may not be any Cheshire cats roaming around, but it's a wonderland, all right.


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