Best group ceramics show -- historical division (2000)

Colorado Kilns

Colorado Kilns was a rare historical look at the proud traditions in Colorado ceramics going back to the early 1900s. Though it was fairly small and inconspicuously sited in the back of the cavernous basement of the Colorado History Museum, the show covered a lot of historic and artistic ground. There was no shortage of masterpieces among the selections, which ranged from Art Nouveau vases to abstract sculptures; the best things were the figural vessels by Artus Van Briggle from the turn of the last century, the William Long vase, the pieces from the '40s and '50s by Irene Musick and Tabor Utley and an out-of-this world Paul Soldner sculpture done just last year. The show was put together by Moya Hansen, CHM curator of fine and decorative art, with considerable help from ceramicist, professor and arts advocate Rodger Lang. One of the best things about Colorado Kilns was the first-rate exhibition design, with theatrical flourishes, especially in the color choices; all of it was orchestrated by David Newell, the CHM's newish exhibition designer.


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