Best new label (2000)

Owned & Operated

If you're in the habit of thumbing through publications like Flipside or Maximum Rock 'N Roll, you may have noticed that Owned & Operated Recordings has branched steadily outside of its Fort Collins base in the past year. A record company started by former members of ALL and the Descendants, Owned & Operated has put out some of the finest and most professional-sounding releases of the past year, including fine offerings from locals Tanger and Someday I and regional acts like Shiner. Primarily a punk concern, O&O also operates Upland Records, a spin-off project created as a vehicle for more difficult-to-define artists like Drag the River and Spot. O&O's professionalism and quality output just might be proof that some old punk-rockers never die. They just figure out how to run cool, artist- and listener- friendly companies.


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