Best online ranting about local music (and everything else) (2000)

The Hooligan

When John Reidy migrated to Ireland earlier this year, it seemed that the end was in store for his caustic publication and companion Web site. Fortunately, Reidy's recently been spotted roaming the dark corners and dusty taverns of D-town, and The Hooligan is once again fooling about, at least as a digital entity. That's good news for those who enjoy Reidy's pummeling of sacred topical cows; the site contains writing on everything from local bands, commercial radio, advertising, movies, television, print media and society at large (recent offerings include the essay "Americans Are Fucking Nuts!"). Reidy's return is bad news, perhaps, for those who find themselves on the receiving end of his hypertext assaults and others who simply fear the f-word. But fuck that. This is one hooligan we're happy to welcome back to town.


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