Best rapper with a Super Bowl championship ring (2000)

Terrell Davis

Terrell Davis's 27th birthday party, held at the F-Stop in LoDo on October 28, may not have resulted in the same sort of riot that overtook much of central Denver after the Broncos' Super Bowl victory a few months earlier, but it did create quite a scene. On the sidewalk outside the club, some of the city's finest-lookin' folks lined up behind a velvet rope for the chance to sneak inside and wish the running back a happy birthday -- and catch a glimpse of his debut performance as an MC. To the delight of the capacity crowd and the constantly flashing lights of cameras from both local and national media outlets, Davis provided some backing raps for his buddy and hip-hopping comrade, Legit. While he's no Ice Cube, Davis proved that, on the mike at least, he's got more skills than Shaq and Kobe. Perhaps we can look forward to John Elways's debut in the coming year.


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