Best upstart exhibition organizer (2000)

Jason Thomas, director

Six months ago, Jason Thomas was working as a security guard, his fine-art degree in the pocket of his uniform. Then Guiry's, the commercial paint and fine-art supply business that's been around Denver since the nineteenth century, opened a new store in an old building on Market Street in the Ballpark neighborhood and hired the ambitious twentysomething to run its gallery there. Over the past year, Thomas, using his many connections in the art world -- he'd been an intern at Rule Modern and Contemporary Gallery before he took up the badge and gun -- booked Guiry's with one good show after another, alternating group displays of local modern masters with solos devoted to young, untried talents. Thanks to Thomas, Guiry's also hosted the Invisible Museum exhibits, featuring some of Denver's biggest names in sculpture, photography and interactive art. As a result of his efforts, Thomas has lured nearly everyone interested in art in Denver through Guiry's doors to see some of the best shows in town.


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