Best way to kill time before a show at the Bluebird (2000)

PS Lounge

At first glance, you might not figure this smallish tavern as the place to glean some knowledge of U.S. history. But request a light from one of the friendly staff behind the parquet bar and -- voilà! -- you're presented with a matchbook biography of JFK, LBJ or even Herbert Hoover. Yet presidential trivia isn't the only thing to keep you busy while you wait for the box office at the Bluebird Theater -- located just across Colfax -- to open. This cash-only, no-tabs-please bar serves up some of the strongest spirits in town, as well as regularly hosting some of the characters that give East Colfax its roguish charm. As an added touch, all ladies receive flowers, compliments of owner Pete Siahamis. Chivalry is not dead at the PS, and neither is the notion that vice still has some virtue.


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