Best bakery for folks who don't like desserts (2000)

Vinh Xuong Bakery

In general, Asian cuisines aren't known for their desserts -- and when they do go the sweet route, most of their creations tend to avoid the usual Western trappings of chocolate and refined sugar. As a result, the toothsome tidbits at Vinh Xuong, where no one speaks much English but everyone knows the language of food, are usually more refreshing than cloying. This tiny bakery in the Far East Center, along with its sister store on West Alameda, makes cute little cookies and cupcakes, most flavored with coconut, almonds and lemon, as well as interesting Asian-style dumplings that involve bean curd and sesame seeds. Point to your selections and the staff will bag them up with a big smile -- which should be matched by your own grin after your first taste of these unusual goodies.


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