Best barbecued brisket (2000)

Blest Bar-B-Que of the Rockies

When Pastor Gene Washington got the call to take his family to an old soda fountain in Littleton and start serving up great barbecue, he answered -- and as a result, we're blessed with Blest Bar-B-Que of the Rockies. From Grandma Sharon down to granddaughter Jasmine, everyone puts their hands in, and their work pays off with such rib-stickin' sides as an eggy, pickle-packed potato salad, pork-filled baked beans, sweet potato pie so sugary it'll make you weep, and genuine Coke floats. But Blest's true blessing is the sloooooowww-smoked brisket -- soft as velvet, so tender you could scare the pieces apart with your fork, and slathered with sauce. And not just any sauce, but a concoction of the reverend's that takes a little from Kansas, a little from Memphis, and a little more from here and there; the sauce soaks right into the brisket until every shred screams with flavor. Washington calls it "a Southern taste in the West"; we simply call it the best.


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