Best dinner under $5 (2000)

Yan-Kee Noodle

Billy Lam has been cooking up great, inexpensive food at his Chef's Noodle House in Aurora for six years now, and a few months ago, he decided to use his noodle on the other side of town. The result is Yan-Kee Noodle, which turns out killer noodle and rice bowls, many of which sell for under five bucks but contain enough food to feed two at lunch or stuff one at dinner. The soups, each $3, are also big enough for a meal. Everything is made to order by Lam in the big, hot wok behind the counter, and most of the dishes feature wonderful sauces, including a powerful ginger-soy or a creamy curry peanut. Another couple of bucks buys you a pair of Lam's crispy-shelled egg rolls filled with chicken and scallions. This Yan-Kee Noodle's a dandy.


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