Best food at Six Flags Elitch Gardens (2000)

Pizza Alley

If you left it up to your children, their entire college savings plan would fund a dozen outings to Elitch's. And once inside, they'd feel no remorse about begging -- no, demanding -- that you devote your retirement nest egg to purchasing an endless parade of toxic snacks. Don't despair: A thriftier but still fun alternative does exist. Pizza Alley, of Highland Square fame, delivers family-sized pies right up to the amusement park's gate. The picnic area adjoining the park along the South Platte River may not be as nice as the old grounds at the original Elitch's, but it's still a good spot to take a break on your whip-and-spin outing, down some decent pizza, watch the kids cavort and dream of ways to spend your retirement -- and that retirement money.


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