Best green chile at the 19th hole (2000)

El Curso Viejo

Ah, the nineteenth hole. It comes on like a refreshing oasis after four hours of frustration spent hitting, then chasing, a little white ball. From the final tee box, the nineteenth hole rises in the distance like an ice-cold beer in the desert -- or, in the case of the public City Park Golf Course, a Corona in the desert. El Curso Viejo, to be specific. If your appetite hasn't been battered down by a day's worth of futility, stop in at this cozy cantina and gobble down one or two tasty breakfast burritos smothered in green chile. If your intelligence is still in order, go for an entire bowl of the vegetarian green. "We use three different kinds on chiles," says part-owner Marie Martinez, a New Mexico native who is unwilling to say much more about the secret trio, "one of which makes it hot and spicy and gives it a kick." After a day of golfing, a kick is sometimes just what you need.


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