Best kids' menu (2000)

Roy's Cherry Creek

Tired of stuffing your kids with the same old hot dogs, chicken planks, pizza bites and mac and cheese? Not as tired as they are of being stuffed with the stuff. Treat them like big people and take them to Roy's, where the kids' meals are just as special as the adults', and all ages are treated to some of the best service in town. For ten bucks, your child gets a four-course repast (drink included), starting with elegantly arranged cheese-filled quesadillas, followed by a plate of artfully carved apples, celery and carrot strings with ranch dressing for dipping, and then his choice of penne in a marinara or butter sauce, or Roy's chicken wings coated with a sticky-sweet, Asian-inspired (but non-spicy) barbecue sauce. For dessert, tykes get a mini sundae, with the scoop of ice cream stuck to the plate by a big wad of ganache. And if your kids don't know what ganache is, well, all the more reason to get them to Roy's.


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