Best lunch buffet (2000)


Tired of the typical Asian lunch deal, where a buck a scoop nets you nothing but dried-out rice and sesame chicken that tastes like candy-coated cardboard? Then head over to Santino's, where chef/owner Sonny Rando puts out an Italian spread that gives new meaning to the word abbondanza. For $9.95 a person, diners can tuck into soups, salads, breads, mini calzones, meatballs, pizzas, pepper poppers and mozzarella sticks, along with a choice of five or six entrees each day -- including some of Rando's well-known specialties such as chicken cacciatore and vodka ravioli -- as well as fruit salad and chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Business types will appreciate the quiet repose of the place, sports fans will enjoy their favorites' autographs on the regular menu, and chow hounds will marvel at so much meal for the money.


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