Best power breakfast (2000)

Village Inn Cherry Creek

Remember, time is money -- and the truly powerful don't like to waste either. They don't have time to dawdle at some chi-chi breakfast place, and even though they've got plenty of cash, they don't want to waste it on a frou-frou repast. That's why the smart money is on the Village Inn in Cherry Creek as the most powerful breakfast spot in town. It's centrally located, the staff is discreet and diplomatic, and the food is darn good. On any given morning, you'll spot dozens of Denver's most influential folks interrupting their important a.m. meetings for even more important cell-phone calls, inking contracts over plates of pancakes and bacon and eggs, and washing down deals with lots of coffee. Want the story? Follow the money -- and if it takes you to Village Inn, don't be surprised.

Readers' choice: Racines


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